Why Has The US Banned Flavoured Pods?

Why Has The US Banned Flavoured Pods?
Why Has The US Banned Flavoured Pods?

After weeks of mixed signals from the White House following a spate of vaping-related illnesses that emerged in the latter half of 2019, President Donald Trump announced last week that the administration will proceed with a ban on flavoured pods in the US.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) confirmed the nationwide ban on the kinds flavoured pods that have become hugely popular among vapers, especially among younger users. The trend has alarmed many critics of vaping within the US government and citizenry concerned that “child-friendly” flavours like fruits and confectionary might be creating a nicotine dependence among users who didn’t smoke.

The HHS has ordered that makers of electronic nicotine delivery systems—including e-cigarettes and other vaping products—cease the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of these pods within 30 days. They must also ensure that age verification – 21 is the legal age in the US ­­- is mandatory in stores and online.

The policy is notable for the exemptions it makes for menthol and tobacco flavoured pods, and the fact that it does not affect open-tank devices of the sort favoured by longer-term vapers and hobbyists.

We wanted to clarify what this might mean for vapers here in the UK and our customers abroad.

Firstly, the policy only applies to companies within the United States. There has been no analogous health reports to emerge from the UK and other European countries, where vaping is strictly regulated by the EU Tobacco Products Directive of 2016.

Secondly, the policy appears most targeted towards pod manufacturers like JUUL, who have come under increased scrutiny in the last couple of years for their efforts to market their closed-system pod kits to young people.

The illnesses behind the recent health scare and a rush to legislate in the US has been identified by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) to derive from black market products that contain THC, the psychoactive compound from marijuana. These products contain an oil that carries Vitamin E acetate. Vitamin E acetate is commonly found as a nutritional supplement and is considered harmless when ingested orally or applied to the skin. However, experts say that its molecular structure and oil-like properties make it hazardous to inhale, such as you would with an e-cigarette.

Vapers in the UK and wider EU can continue to buy vape products with confidence from Vapestore, Vapouriz and other legitimate, reputable retailers who comply with TPD legislation and adhere to quality, safe, lab-approved e-liquids and devices.

What should you do if you have concerns about vaping?

-Only buy e-cigarette devices and e-liquid from reputable, TPD-compliant manufacturers and suppliers such as Vapestore.

-Talk to one of our professional customer services specialists for advice and guidance on all aspects of e-cigarettes and vaping at support@vapouriz.com or call 0800 644 0000.

-Talk to your GP or another certified health professional about using e-cigarettes.

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