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Introducing a thrilling collaboration between Double Drip e-liquid and the Dot Pro pod starter kit, with the arrival of some of Double Drip’s most popular flavours in replaceable pods, exclusive to the user-friendly, discreet and endlessly satisfying Dot Pro vape kit. The Dot Pro makes vaping effortless for new and experienced vapers alike through the use of pods pre-filled with delicious e-liquid flavours. Nbuttons, no settings, no refills - simply replace the pod when it’s spent and enjoy incredible flavour with the satisfaction of nicotine salt e-liquid. This special collection features some of the top-selling flavours from the hugely popular Double Drip range, one of the most celebrated e-liquid brands in the UK. Intensely delicious Double Drip flavour and the convenience of the Dot Pro – grab your Double Drip Dot Pro pods and kit today! 

Double Drip Dot Pro

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Double Drip Dot Pro Kit And Pods

Introducing a thrilling collaboration between one of the UK’s most celebrated e-liquid brands and the most popular disposable pod vape kit: Double Drip E-liquid and the Dot Pro Pod kit. 

What Is A Dot Pro Vape Pen? 

Not every vaper wants to carry an advanced sub-ohm kit or pod system. Many just want a simple to use vape starter kit that lets them enjoy relief from nicotine cravings as well as excellent vaping flavour. The Dot Pro is a slim and discreet pen-style vape device that delivers both to perfection while being super-lightweight and incredibly portable.  

Powered by a 350mAh internal battery and aided by a 45-minute recharge time, with the included cable, the Dot Pro comes ready to use and is operated by simply taking a puff as you would on a traditional cigarette. The Dot Pro employs replaceable, disposable e-liquid pods, pre-filled with liquid in a variety of flavours that click into place with the help of strong, secure magnets.  

When your pod begins to lose flavour, simply replace with a new Dot Pro Pod.  

What Is Double Dip E-Liquid? 

One of the most popular and much-imitated e-liquid brands in the UK, Double Drip Coil Sauce helped revolutionise UK e-liquids with a bold, innovative approach to flavour and a slick, edgy design that resonated with the lifestyles of vapers everywhere. 

Some of the most beloved e-liquid flavours have emerged from Double Drip over the last five years, including such legendary flavours as Menthol MistRaspberry Sherbet and Original Tobacco 

So adored are these flavours that they are now available in the bestselling Dot Pro vape kit, as well as other hugely popular nic salt flavours from Double Drip including Cherry Bakewell and Super Berry Sherbet. 

What Kind Of E-Liquid Does Double Drip Dot Pro Contain? 

Double Drip Dot Pro pods use a rich nicotine-salt formula, available at 10mg or 20mg strengths, The advantage of nicotine salt e-liquids over traditional freebase e-liquids is that they deliver a smoother more comfortable throat hit at higher nicotine strengths, making them hugely popular eliquids for newer vapers in need of a more immediate relief from cravings that they’d be used to from traditional cigarettes.  

What Kind Of Coils Come With The Dot Pro Vape Kit? 

The Dot Pro Pods incorporate a fixed coil system, meaning you’ll never have to bother changing the coils on the Dot Pro; just the pod when the flavour weakens. The internal coil offers a 1.1ohm resistance ideal for a MTL (mouth-to-lung) experience similar to smoking, and feature a mesh honeycomb ceramic core that has better absorbs e-liquid, evenly heating it through thousands of honeycomb-shaped micropores for incredible flavour.