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Sort your complete setup in seconds with our range of vape kits at Vapouriz.

Vape kits are the ultimate solution for hassle-free vaping; whether looking for a classic e-cigarette or a more advanced sub-ohm setup, our vape kits take the work out of choosing your hardware.

Vapouriz Premium Vape Kits are available in a variety of different options to suit any vaping style so that there's something to suit everyone, no matter what your taste or preference.

If you're new to vaping, we recommend our bestseller, the Vapouriz FUSE Vape Kit. Not sure what colour or flavour e-liquid to go for? Try the 'Quit Kit' which contains everything you need to start vaping and stay smoke free!

If you're an experienced vaper or love sub-ohm cloud chasing, Vapouriz do a wide range of sub ohm kits to choose from.