Vampire Vape Koncept Heisenberg E-Liquid Short Fill 50ml

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape is a complex and mysterious blend, offering an invigorating fusion of fruitiness and icy chill for an all-day-vaping experience. Unravel its enigmatic profile with every puff.

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Vampire Vape Koncept Heisenberg Shortfill E-Liquid 50ml

Heisenberg by Vampire Vape is a one-of-a-kind elixir, serving as the epitome of mysterious allure in vape form. At the first inhale, you're greeted with an enigmatic blend of fruits, perhaps berries or even some exotic selections. It's like walking into a tropical paradise whose coordinates are a well-kept secret; every puff is an invitation to explore this hidden Eden further. Then comes the icy exhale. A cooling sensation sweeps over your palate, rejuvenating your senses as it expertly contrasts the vibrant fruitiness. This element isn't a mere afterthought; it’s an essential chapter in Heisenberg's complex narrative.

This frosty embrace synergises with the fruity opening act, culminating in a layered, enigmatic profile that compels you to discover it anew with each vape. So why settle for ordinary when you can indulge in the mysterious complexity that is Heisenberg? It’s not just another vape juice; it's a thrilling experience designed for the adventurous vaper who's after something genuinely unique. Discover the Koncept range by Vampire Vape, an exciting collection featuring 50ml and 100ml Shortfills for those who love Sub-Ohm vaping. Experience lasting satisfaction with expanded versions of their classic, iconic E-Liquids such as Pinkman and Heisenberg.

Each bottle in the Koncept 50ml Shortfill line contains 50ml of vape juice, leaving room for a 10ml Nicotine Shot. This lets you to customise the nicotine strength to your preference, allowing for a vape experience that's truly your own. With a 70VG/30PG ratio, these E-Liquids are best suited for high-powered vape and pod kits. These kits usually operate with coils below 1.0ohm, perfect for handling the thicker VG content, resulting in dense, flavourful clouds. 

50ml E-Liquid
Space for 1 x 10ml Nic Shot
20% VG / 80 % PG
0% Nicotine
Ideal for Sub-Ohm vaping
Made in the UK
Tamper-Evident Seal
Child-proof Cap 

About Vampire Vape

Based in Manchester, UK, Vampire Vape has gained both national and international recognition for their exceptional e-liquids. Their signature flavours, Heisenberg and Pinkman, have truly changed the game in the vaping world and have been joined by many other ground-breaking, taste-making flavours since.