Vampire Vape Koncept Blood Sukka E-Liquid Short Fill 50ml

Juice up your vaping adventure with Blood Sukka by Vampire Vape. A fusion of red cherry, mixed berries and aniseed creates a flavour sensation that's both sweet and invigorating.

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Vampire Vape Koncept Blood Sukka ShortFill E-liquid 50ml

Blood Sukka is no ordinary e-liquid; it's an exemplary flavour experience. The moment you take that first puff, your taste buds are welcomed with the luscious sweetness of red cherry. It’s as if you've just bitten into a perfectly ripe cherry, its sweet, juicy nectar exploding in your mouth. But there's more—this elixir also throws a punnet of mixed berries into the mix. Think strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, each adding its unique signature to this berry bonanza.

The tartness of the berries pairs immaculately with the cherry's sweetness, creating a harmonious melody of flavours. Just when you think the flavour profile is complete, in comes aniseed. This unique addition delivers a kick of spice and freshness that uplifts the entire concoction. The aniseed does more than just add complexity; it creates a lingering aftertaste that keeps you refreshed long after the exhale. In summary, Blood Sukka captures a medley of flavours that are rich yet invigorating, making it a perfect all-day vape. Whether it’s dawn or dusk, each puff is a sensory journey that’s hard to put down.

Discover the Koncept range by Vampire Vape, an exciting collection featuring 50ml and 100ml Shortfills for those who love Sub-Ohm vaping. Experience lasting satisfaction with expanded versions of their classic, iconic E-Liquids such as Pinkman and Heisenberg. Each bottle in the Koncept 50ml Shortfill line contains 50ml of vape juice, leaving room for a 10ml Nicotine Shot. This lets you to customise the nicotine strength to your preference, allowing for a vape experience that's truly your own. With a 70VG/30PG ratio, these E-Liquids are best suited for high-powered vape and pod kits. These kits usually operate with coils below 1.0ohm, perfect for handling the thicker VG content, resulting in dense, flavourful clouds. 


50ml / 0mg
70% VG / 30% PG
Made in the UK

About Vampire Vape

Based in Manchester, UK, Vampire Vape has gained both national and international recognition for their exceptional e-liquids. Their signature flavours, Heisenberg and Pinkman, have truly changed the game in the vaping world and have been joined by many other ground-breaking, taste-making flavours since.