Lost Mary Tappo Pod Vape Kit

Elevate your vaping with the Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Pod Kit. Continuing the BM600 Disposable Vape's legacy, this kit introduces a rechargeable 750mAh battery, interchangeable pods, and exceptional flavours. Each pod, filled with 2ml of 20mg Nic Salt e-liquid, promises around 600 enjoyable puffs. Transition to a more eco-friendly and cost-effective vaping experience.

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Lost Mary Tappo Pod Vape Kit

The Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Pod Kit marks a significant leap in the evolution of vaping. Following the footsteps of celebrated disposable vapes like the BM600S, QM600, and AM600, the Tappo kit brings a fresh, eco-friendly approach without sacrificing flavour or convenience.

Revolutionary QUAQ Mesh Pods
The heart of the Tappo's success lies in its QUAQ mesh pods (sold separately in two-packs). Each pod, with 2ml of 20mg nic salt e-liquid, guarantees up to 600 puffs. The QUAQ technology enhances every aspect of vaping, from the richness of flavour to consistent vapour production, along with prolonged coil life.

Seamless MTL Vaping Experience: 
The Tappo's MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) system makes the shift from disposable vapes smooth and effortless. Pod replacement is straightforward – eject the old pod, prime the new one, and snap it back in place. The device's design ensures a hassle-free experience, letting you focus solely on the pleasure of vaping.

Robust Battery Life, User-Friendly Design:
A 750mAh internal battery powers your Tappo, supporting extended use. When you need to recharge, the Type-C USB port facilitates quick and efficient charging (USB not included). The LED indicator, reminiscent of the BM600 series, displays battery status and inhalation signals, adding to the device's user-friendly features.

Ready to Vape with Prefilled Pod 20mg Your new Lost Mary Tappo comes with a Prefilled Pod containing 2ml of  e-liquid. This captivating blend bursts with the sweet notes of ripe blueberries, perfectly balanced by a tart raspberry kick. It's a flavour journey that starts with a blueberry-infused inhale and crescendos to a tangy raspberry exhale, delivering a vape experience that's as complex as it is refreshing. Join the wave of vapers making the smart, sustainable switch from single-use disposable vapes to prefilled pods. Choose the Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Pod Kit for a future-proof vaping experience that's kind to both your wallet and the environment and tastes amazing. 

Did You Know? As members of the diverse Elf Bar family of prefilled pod kits, Elfa Pods, Elfa Pro Pods and Lost Mary Tappo Pods are completely interchangeable. This means that whichever Elf Bar Prefilled Pod Kit you own, any of these pre-filled pods will be compatible with your device, putting a wealth of delicious flavours from across the Elf Bar collections at your fingertips.  


Prefilled Pod Design: No messy refilling, just pop in a new pod.
750mAh Built-in Battery: Long-lasting power for all-day vaping.
Inhale Activated: Intuitive and straightforward to use.
MTL Vaping: Enjoy that authentic mouth-to-lung experience.
Type-C USB Charging: Quick and efficient charging (USB sold separately).
LED Lighting Indicator: Know your battery status at a glance.
QUAQ Mesh Coils: Enjoy a smoother, more flavourful vape.
Compatible With Tappo 2ml Pods: Keep the good times rolling with easy-to-replace pods.
Approximately 600 Puffs Per Pod: Vape longer and change pods less frequently. 


The lost Mary Tappo pod vape kit comes with the following 2ml Prefilled Pod 

Dark Bronze: Blueberry Sour Raspberry 
Blue Green: Lemon & Lime 
Green Pink: Watermelon
Silver Stainless Steel: Strawberry Ice

What’s in the Box:

1 x Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit
1 x Preinstalled Flavoured Pod 2ml, 20mg
1 x User Manual 

Please Note. In order to activate your new Lost Mary Tappo  prefilled pod, first remove the stickers from the base and the side and remove the silicon plug in the mouthpiece, then gently press the base of the pod upwards. This allows the e-liquid to flow into the chamber and come into contact with the coil. Then simply insert the Elfa Pro Pod into the battery component. We recommend allowing the activated pod to sit for approx. 5 minutes to avoid any dry or burnt hits. 

About Lost Mary

Discover the vibrant collection of disposable Lost Mary Vape UK devices. Offering a wide variety of delicious disposable Lost Mary vape flavours to choose from in sleek designs. These are a great disposable to carry wherever life takes you. Whether you're on the go or simply relaxing at home, these disposables ensure a hassle-free and delightful vaping experience for new and more experienced vapers.

With  Lost Mary disposable vape flavours, nicotine cravings become a thing of the past. Thanks to their satisfying premium 20mg Nic Salt formulation, that's expertly crafted to soothe cravings and deliver outstanding flavours.