Lost Mary Tappo Blue Razz Lemonade Prefilled Pods 20mg - 2 Pack

Immerse your tastebuds in the zesty fusion of Blue Raspberry and Lemonade for an electrifying and sweet vape journey.

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Lost Mary Tappo Blue Razz Lemonade Prefilled Pods 20mg - 2 Pack

The Blue Razz Lemonade Tappo pods by Lost Mary are a vivid voyage of flavour. Picture yourself at a lively summer carnival, sipping on a freshly poured Blue Raspberry lemonade. The initial burst of Blue Raspberry is both sharp and exhilarating, encapsulating the very essence of a sunlit summer day.

Then, a vibrant splash of Lemonade follows, adding a classic citrus zest that rejuvenates your taste buds. This flavour masterfully balances sweet and tart notes, creating an invigorating vape experience you'll want to revisit time and again. Each pod connects effortlessly to your Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit via a magnetic mechanism, allowing for easy continuation of the beloved flavours from the BM600 series. Inside, 2ml of 20mg Nic Salt e-liquid is ready to deliver rapid nicotine satisfaction coupled with a smooth throat hit. You can expect approximately 600 puffs per pod, each rich in flavour. The innovative QUAQ mesh coil technology within the pods guarantees faster heating, richer flavour profiles, and consistent vapour production, all while enhancing coil longevity. 


Banana Ice Flavour
2ml Prefilled Pods
MTL Vaping
Environmentally Sustainable
QUAQ Mesh Coils
Compatible With Lost Mary Tappo Pod Kit 

What’s in the Box:

2 x Lost Mary Tappo Prefilled Pods 2ml, 20mg


Please Note. In order to activate your new Lost Mary Tappo  prefilled pod, first remove the stickers from the base and the side and remove the silicon plug in the mouthpiece, then gently press the base of the pod upwards. This allows the e-liquid to flow into the chamber and come into contact with the coil. Then simply insert the Elfa Pro Pod into the battery component. We recommend allowing the activated pod to sit for approx. 5 minutes to avoid any dry or burnt hits. 

About Lost Mary

Discover the vibrant collection of disposable Lost Mary Vape UK devices. Offering a wide variety of delicious disposable Lost Mary vape flavours to choose from in sleek designs. These are a great disposable to carry wherever life takes you. Whether you're on the go or simply relaxing at home, these disposables ensure a hassle-free and delightful vaping experience for new and more experienced vapers.

With  Lost Mary disposable vape flavours, nicotine cravings become a thing of the past. Thanks to their satisfying premium 20mg Nic Salt formulation, that's expertly crafted to soothe cravings and deliver outstanding flavours.