Innokin GoMax Vape Tank

Innokin's GoMax disposable tank makes sub-ohm vaping simple and enjoyable. This no-fuss tank offers a generous DTL vapour output and requires zero upkeep besides refilling. The tank features a top-fill design, 2ml capacity, and adjustable airflow options. A 510 connector allows compatibility with numerous vape mods. Its built-in Plex3D Matrix coil boosts flavour and cloud production, making it a perfect match for high VG e-liquids.

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Innokin GoMax Vape Tank

For vapers seeking a straightforward yet effective sub-ohm experience, the Innokin GoMax disposable tank is the perfect companion. Engineered for robust vapour production and intense flavour, this tank provides a Direct-To-Lung (DTL) vape with minimal effort required. With a 2ml e-liquid capacity and a convenient top-fill design, refilling this tank is a breeze, allowing you to keep vaping with minimal interruptions.

The adjustable airflow at the base offers control over your inhale, letting you tailor the airflow to suit your preference. What really sets this tank apart is its integrated Plex3D Matrix coil. Designed for rapid heat-up and rich flavour, this mesh coil ensures that your e-liquid tastes as good as it possibly can, all while generating a satisfying cloud of vapour. Because the tank is disposable, you'll never have to concern yourself with messy coil changes.

Once the coil has reached the end of its lifespan, you can simply replace the entire tank—making it not just convenient but also cost-effective. When it comes to e-liquid selection, this tank performs best with high VG blends. We suggest using e-liquids with a VG ratio of 70% or higher for optimal vaping satisfaction. All in all, the Innokin GoMax disposable tank is your hassle-free ticket to high-quality, high-performance vaping. 


Disposable Fixed Coil GoMax vape tank
Plex 3D Matrix 0.19Ohm Fixed Coil (Installed)
2ml e-liquid capacity
Adjustable airflow
Top filling function
Mesh coil build
Suitable for DTL (Direct-to-Lung) vaping
Suitable for High-VG e-liquid
Compatible with Innokin GoMax Tube Vape Kit
510 Connector for use with Compatible Mods 

What’s in the Box:

1 x GoMax Disposable Fixed Coil Tank (2ml) 0.19Ohm

Please Note: When filling your Pre-fixed coil tank with e-liquid for the first time, allow the pod to sit for ten minutes before use. This will allow the e-liquid to better saturate the wicking material, a type of cotton, to prevent dry hits and ensure the best flavour and performance from your coil.

About Innokin

A world leader in vaping for almost a decade, Innokin have pioneered some of the most innovative e-cigarettes and accessories that have shaped the industry since its earliest days. Every device carries Innokin’s signature feel for design, build-quality, functionality and performance, making them one of the most respected names in the industry.