Freemax Maxus 2 200W Vape kit

A powerhouse of performance wrapped in a captivating design, the Maxus 2 200W sub-ohm mod from Freemax is packed with advanced features, including a vibrant full-spectrum light display, a multitude of user-friendly modes, and the accompanying MPro 3 sub-ohm tank 2ml
Please Note: Batteries are NOT included with this kit.

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FreeMax Maxus 2 200W Vape kit

Please Note: Batteries are NOT included with this kit.

The powerful and feature-rich Freemax Maxus 2 200W Vape Kit is the perfect embodiment of Freemax's renowned talent for creating high-performance mods and flavour-boosting Sub Ohm Tanks.Accentuated by a captivating full-spectrum LED display, this kit brings a blend of vivid, eye-catching colour and style to your vaping sessions.

The Maxus 2 kit is outfitted with the cutting-edge Freemax MPro 3 tank and a pair of top-tier mesh coils to ignite your sub ohm vaping journey. Meticulously designed, this kit strikes a stunning equilibrium between visual appeal and matchless performance, catering to the discerning vaper who craves a bespoke and immersive vaping experience.

The Maxus 2 mod, capable of delivering an astounding max power output of 200W, is driven by a pair of external 18650 batteries (sold separately). Delve into the extensive range of settings that the Maxus 2 offers to fine-tune your vaping experience to your precise liking, aided by Freemax's advanced FM Chip 3.0 Chipset which also provides several important safety protections.

With the groundbreaking Variable Wattage feature, you gain granular control over the power output, adjustable in accurate 1W steps. Go a step further with the Temperature Control function, empowering you to adjust the heat of your coils for a customised, warm or cool vape, and to experience the complete, robust range of flavours from your chosen e-liquids. For vapers in pursuit of a uniform, bespoke vape sensation, the VPC (Variable Power Curve) mode is your go-to.

This feature gently escalates power during your inhale, achieving multiple wattages for a remarkably consistent and satisfying vape. The kit incorporates the sophisticated Freemax MPro 3 tank, equipped with a user-friendly, spill-proof top fill design. Just slide the top cap aside to access the e-liquid port for effortless and tidy refills. Further, the kit comes with two mesh coils featuring the advanced FMCoilTech 5.0 technology and employing multiple pieces of mesh Kanthal, escalating your vapour and flavour production to unprecedented levels.

The MPro 3 tank promises adaptability, being compatible with both Freemax M Pro 3 Coils and MPro 2 904L coils, providing another layer of customisation to your vaping escapade. Regardless of your coil preference, we advocate using them with e-liquids boasting a VG concentration of 70% or higher to ensure peak performance. 


Power Output: 5 - 200W
Requires dual external 18650 batteries (sold separately)
Full-spectrum LED display with multiple Lighting effects
Multiple Output Modes
Switch to Lock
Advanced FM Chip 3.0 Chipset
Multiple Safety Protections
Freemax MPro 3 Tank 2ml
Adjustable Airflow
Uses Mesh Pro Coils
Cross Compatible Coils 

What’s in the Box:

1 x Freemax Maxus 2 Mod 200w
1 x Freemax MPro 3 Tank 2ml
1 x 0.15 Ohm Freemax M1-D Coil (Pre-Installed)
1 x 0.2 Ohm Freemax 904L M2 Coil
Spare O-Ring
USB-C Charging Cable
User Manual 

Please Note:  To improve the performance and longevity of your new Coils, always prime them with your chosen e-liquid before inserting into your device 'Priming’ simply means wetting the exposed cotton or similar wicking material with e-liquid before use. This helps prevent dry hits and burning the coil should it fail to soak up e-liquid properly before firing the vape device. Once you've primed your pod, attached it to your device, allow to stand for 5-10 minutes before vaping.

About Freemax

Freemax are one of the earliest and most innovative vaping hardware pioneers, gaining initial recognition in the days of first-generation stock coil sub ohm tanks back in 2013. They have gone on to forge a name for themselves as a creative and forward-thinking manufacturer of premium e-cigarette hardware and accessories. Freemax’s latest tanks, mods and vape kits utilise cutting edge mesh coil technology to bring you serious clouds and immaculate flavour, and their unique designs have inspired an army of like-minded products which mimic, yet never quite match, their superior quality and performance.