Why DO People Smoke Tobacco and Why E Cigarettes Are Better

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It seems like e-cigarettes are constantly in the news and you can be assured they are not likely to be going away any time soon.

There is an awful lot of conflicting information every day as to where people’s opinion should lie on whether vapour smokers are a good thing or if it is simply substituting one habit for another. The more studies that are carried out, the more it seems that e cigs are a very viable cessation aid and maybe it is time to start looking at making the switch from tobacco to vaping. In this blog we hope to provide a little motivation to aid you in the process…

Some of Reasons People Smoke Tobacco:

Why DO People Smoke Tobacco and Why E Cigarettes Are Better


If you have smoked tobacco for a long time then it is a very hard habit to break. Most smokers have tried at some point or another to quit and often failed. There are a lot of cessation aids out there but it takes a great deal of dedication to break the habit and make the switch to a tobacco free life. e cigarettes are proving a very effective means to quit tobacco… and quit it for good.


You’ll often hear smokers say that giving up is stressful or they smoke to alleviate stress. Studies have shown that the chemicals within tobacco actually perpetuate that stress. When you consider things like the cost, the necessity to find somewhere to actually smoke tobacco (It is getting harder and harder to find designated smoking areas) and simply modern day life, you see that simply smoking tobacco itself is a stressful habit. If you substitute tobacco with a cheaper, healthier and more socially acceptable alternative then you have already eliminated some of that stress! You do not have to give up nicotine with e cigs though which may be the real key that always pulls you back to smoking.

Something to ‘do with their hands’:

It’s something that you will hear a lot from smokers. It’s also the reason that many people will struggle when substituting tobacco for alternative means of nicotine intake. Obviously, gum and patches will not help satisfy this restlessness. One of the benefits of e cigs is the obvious ability to hold them, refill them and in some cases, tweak and play with them. You actually have something to do with your hands!

Their peers smoke:

It is certainly hard to give up something that many of your social circle participate in. You’ll probably find that many of your friends are making the switch to vaping now… and if not, then be the first and watch them follow!

The Benefits to Using E-Cigarettes

Why DO People Smoke Tobacco and Why E Cigarettes Are Better

Health benefits:

Tobacco contains over 2000 ingredients that prove harmful to the human body as opposed to the four contained within electronic cigarettes. The long term health benefits are obvious when consider that you’re not smoking ingredients like carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, benzene, formaldehyde and ammonia (plus many, many others) in tobacco as opposed to propylene glycerol and / or vegetable glycerin, flavouring and liquid nicotine, which may or may not be present depending on the strength you select.


With a pack of 20 tobacco cigarettes edging their way towards the £10 mark it is obvious that the costs mount up. If you smoke 20 a day then you’ll be smoking away the best part of £300 per month. Compare this with the price of e liquid: One 10ml, £4.99 bottle will last about a week on average and cost around £20 per month. Even with the initial outlay for perhaps a Vapouriz Tank, you’ve broken even in well under one week and you’ll find the savings you make will be sizeable within a month, meaning you can enjoy spending the money on other things. If you work this out over the space of a year... Or several years then you see jut how much you can potentially save.


Tobacco smokers are often unaware of how much they smell! It is not pleasant when you do not smoke tobacco and smell it on the clothing of others or are surrounded by active smokers… With e liquid and vaporisers, the smell can actually be very pleasant… With many fruit, menthol and a huge a array of flavours available, the exhaled vapour is a lot more fresh and sociable!

It is more socially acceptable:

Though you cannot use e cigarettes everywhere, you’ll find that for the most part, they are not frowned up in the same way as traditional tobacco cigarettes. If someone lit up a tobacco product in a public house now then everyone would smell it right away… An electronic cigarette is a different story. (But do check before vaping with the owner or manager and ensure that you are not breaking any rules.)

The Growing Vaping Community:

Vapers support fellow vapers and there is a wealth of information out there to help you along. In our experience, the electronic cigarette community are a friendly lot who are always happy to help each other, answer questions and provide support for new initiates. So fire away any questions you have to vapers and undoubtedly they will help you along.

Why DO People Smoke Tobacco and Why E Cigarettes Are Better

The Various Flavours and Strengths:

You may wish to start with tobacco flavours and reasonably high nicotine levels… But you’ll find that there is a whole world of tastes, strengths and even custom combinations to suit you. You can mix and match flavours or get away from tobacco tastes entirely with the HUGE selection available. Why not try fruit… or menthol… Or mint e liquid… OR combine two or three tastes to make that perfect custom blend.

Work your Way Towards Zero Nicotine:

With a range of strengths available to suit you, we are able to aid you journey to a nicotine free life if you so wish. With 2.4% and 18% nicotine for the heavier ex-smoker, right down to 0.6% and even 0%, you can ween yourself to a level you are happy with or even quit nicotine for good.

A better example:

You may simply be concerned that you do not with to expose your children, family or peers to your smoking… With electronic cigarettes, you will be setting a better example and not exposing those people to the smell, the chemicals or the addictive nature of tobacco.

Choose Vapouriz and quit tobacco: No Whiffs or Butts