What is nicotine salt? And should I try it?

Move over ‘freebase’ nicotine, nicotine salt is making waves in the vaping community. While freebase nicotine may have been the norm for decades now (originally created by Marlboro to make cigarettes more potent) there’s a brand new kid on the vaping block.

Nicotine salt is a pure form of nicotine, exactly like you would find in a tobacco leaf. Except this type of nicotine hasn’t had its pH altered to make it more bioaccessible or stronger in potency. Instead, vape innovators have added benzoic acid into the mix which makes this type of nicotine accessible at a lower temperature and lower in alkaline - making it more palatable.

While there’s a definite buzz around nicotine salt, it’s important to remember the type of vape device and liquid you choose is unique to your own personal tastes. Many people are hailing nicotine salt as the best way to quit smoking, thanks to its high nicotine absorption level and instant buzz. However, if you prefer a less nicotine-focused vape, it might not be for you.

Is nicotine salt right for me?

We’ve come up with a few questions that should help you figure out if nicotine salts are a let’s-go or a no-go for you.

Do you prefer a sub-ohm or a vape pen?

Nicotine salts only work effectively with vape pens, because they are chemically altered to turn to vapour at a lower temperature. For those quitting smoking, a vape pen is usually the first choice, since it most closely resembles the experience of cigarette smoking - and nicotine salts are the perfect complement to this.

How much of a nicotine hit do you want?

Nicotine salts make the nicotine in your e-liquid far more accessible. This is another reason salts are popular with recent quitters, as they deliver the hit and the nicotine high, yet don’t give a harsh throat hit. If you’re a past or present vapour who is tempted back by cigarettes now and then for the buzz, nicotine salts are worth a try. On the other hand, if you aren’t used to high levels of nicotine, salts could be too much for you.

Is cost important to you?

Practically speaking, nicotine salts are more cost efficient because you need less of the liquid to get a nicotine hit. Add to this the longer shelf-life of nicotine salt e-liquids and you’ll find it works out cheaper than traditional liquids.

Do I enjoy big clouds?

Nicotine salt liquids are better suited to the low profile vaper due to their high nicotine content. Cloud-chasers need not apply.

So there you go - now you know if nicotine salts are worth a try or not. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker, a seasoned vaper looking for a stronger buzz or simply a stealth vaper who wants to draw less attention, nicotine salts might just be right up your street.