The Vaper’s Guide to Surviving the Summer

Check out these tips and tricks for getting most out of your vaping gear this summer!

Keep things cloudy this summer with our holiday vaping guide! We’ll be discussing the best vaping gear for summer 2016, sharing tips for traveling with e-cigarettes including vaping in airports and vaping laws abroad as well as recommending our favourite summer e-liquid flavours!


Taking your expensive box mod on holiday can be a risky move as there are so many scenarios where your kit could get damaged, lost or worse. It could be worth investing in a smaller kit that’s easier to travel with whilst still allowing you to enjoy your favorite juice in the summer sun. Here’s our round-up of the best vaping gear for summertime vaping without the stress!


Whether you’re a first-time vaper or you’re looking for a compact vaping kit, the Fuse is perfect for packing light or simply using day-to-day throughout the summer months when you don’t want to be lugging larger pieces of kit around. It’s also great if you need a quick and easy vape on hectic days of traveling through multiple destinations with only limited time to enjoy your favourite e-liquid!

Even if you’re a seasoned sub-ohmer, the Fuse is a great secondary vape thanks to its dual coil design and 650mah FUSE (EVOD) rechargeable battery with a 5v protection chip providing bigger clouds and a better throat hit than a standard e-cigarette.

Scooping the award for ‘Best Tank’ at the 2016 Vapouround Awards, the Fuse features a bottom-fed clearomizer which is less prone to leaking than other e-cigarettes and comes in 7 colour options with a bottle of e-liquid included in your purchase!

Batteries, Coils & Other Essential Spares

Whether you’re spending the majority of your holiday relaxing on the beach or adventuring on long excursions, you might be worried about keeping your e-cig powered up with no opportunity to recharge it on the move. Packing a spare battery will give you peace of mind and that essential power when your primary battery is running low.

The chances are your coils are going to need changing at some point during your holiday so it’s always worth packing spares to ensure you don’t end up wandering into the wrong part of town whilst trying to pronounce the word ‘coil’ in a language you don’t really understand… we stock all the spares you’d need for your Vapouriz device including coils, tanks, batteries and more.

Travel Case

We advise against packing your e-cig kit loose with other traveling items as this is likely to cause damage to your device. Our canvas travel case is designed to keep your vape gear protected from damage throughout your trip.


Of course, you can’t go away without a steady supply of juice to fuel your clouds! Remember, if you’re packing e-liquids in your carry-on luggage you can only take containers carrying up to 100ml of liquids per container and this applies to all liquids, not just e-liquid! Fortunately, all of our liquids are available in 10ml bottles perfect for keeping your packing compact!

Whether your aim to is cut on down nicotine, quit it completely or simply to continue blowing the biggest, tastiest clouds, we stock e-liquids in a range of nicotine strengths from 0% all the way up to 2.4%.

For flavour inspiration, scroll down to see our summer flavour guide!

Travel Tips

Whichever kit you choose to take on your summer travels, it’s best to ensure you’re clued up on how to get your vape gear from A to B, where you can vape and how to vape during the journey without getting into hot water!

Using Your e-Cigs in the Airport

The rules on using your e-cig can vary in different UK airports, so it’s always best to check on the airports policy on vaping before your holiday begins. Some airports may have dedicated vaping lounges and others may require you to join the smokers in designated smoking areas. Whatever you do, don’t assume – the last thing you want to do is upset airport security!

Getting Through Customs

Our best advice for getting your e-cigarette through customs without security guards or customs officers mistaking it for something sinister is to inform staff exactly what you’ve got packed reducing cause for alarmed or suspicious over an object that they may not recognize. Keeping a full charge will enable you to demonstrate what the device does for staff unfamiliar with e-cigarettes and we also advise packing your e-liquids with your toiletries as many airports require you to pack all liquid containers in a clear bag and this could also reduce the risk of having your liquids confiscated if your e-cigarette is being inspected in a country that has a stringent policy on products containing nicotine.

Vapes on a Plane

Unfortunately, no matter how many stories have circulated about certain airlines allowing the use of e-cigarettes on their flights, it is highly unlikely that any airline will allow you use your kit on the plane. In fact, some airlines are even unlikely to allow you to pack your kit in your carry-on baggage as lithium batteries are often banned in the cabin. Always check with your before you leave, allowing plenty of time to pack accordingly.

Vaping Laws Abroad

Laws and attitudes change from country to country. You can freely vape out in the open across most of Europe, however, some countries operate on a two-tier system under which you are legally entitled to carry and use any vaping paraphernalia that doesn’t contain nicotine, including hardware and nicotine-free refills but in countries operating this system, any refills containing nicotine require a medical license! It’s important to check which countries are running the two-tier system before you travel.

On the other hand, some countries have a complete ban on vaping. This can be confusing when it comes to countries where smoking isn't banned, yet vaping is strictly prohibited, for example, Brazil and other countries in South America. Check before you fly and avoid getting into trouble and having your vaping gear and e-liquids confiscated on arrival.


Whether you’re looking for refreshing new e-liquid flavours to suit the warm climes of your holiday destination or you’re staying put in the UK and need some tropical taste inspiration to make you at least feel like you’re experiencing some warm summer vibes, we stock a vast range of the best vape juices to suit all taste preferences.

Pocket Fuel Summer Cooler — All the best tastes of summer combine in this delicious e-liquid. There's bright, fresh raspberry, tangy cherry and a bright kick of menthol to make Summer Cooler light and refreshing all in one.

Gin & Tonic — Tangy, bitter and fizzy with a bite, there's few more classic tastes of summer than an ice cold Gin & Tonic with lime. This e-liquid captures the flavour perfectly, bringing with it a delightfully refreshing aroma.

Pure Evil Cold Blooded — Fresh mixed berries mixed with icy mint for a cool and refreshing taste that's not too sweet or delicate.

Strawberries & Cream — A quintessential British summer classic, and this summertime flavour helps you enjoy the taste without all the calories. Fruity, smooth and refreshing, enjoy the sweet taste of strawberry with a smooth aftertaste of cream.