Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

If you’ve joined the electronic cigarette revolution and have bought one of the best selling Vapouriz Electronic Cigarettes, you’re no doubt keen to get started. It’s really simply to prepare and use your Vapouriz Tank (Or compatible eGo; just follow these simple instructions:

Preparing the Vapouriz Tank

Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

1. We know you’ll be keen to get started, but just take a few minutes to familiarise yourself with your new kit: the Vapouriz Tank consists of two main parts: a lithium-ion battery and a Clearomizer with screw-on mouthpiece. You’ll also have a USB battery charge cable.

2. To get started, unscrew the mouthpiece of the Clearomizer in an anticlockwise direction.

Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

3. Hold the Vapouriz tank at a 45 degree angle and slowly pour the Vapouriz Premium E Liquid of your choice into the Clearomizer until it is half full, then screw the mouthpiece back on to the Clearomizer in a clockwise direction and screw the Clearomizer onto the battery.

Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

4. If you are using your kit for the first time, once filled, leave the Clearomizer for 5-10 minutes to make sure the wick inside has been fully covered.

5. It’s a good idea to wear protective gloves when filling the Clearomizer.

6. Don’t forget, when it’s time to refill your Clearomizer, you could try one of the different strength nicotine liquids available in a huge variety of different flavours, such as strawberry, menthol, or classic tobacco.

Using the Vapouriz Tank

Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

7. Your Vapouriz Tank has an intelligent on/off system that allows you to lock or unlock the Tank by just clicking the button five times.

8. To inhale the vapour produced by the Vapouriz Tank, simply press the button which will activate the heating element contained in the Clearomizer. You’ll need to keep the button pressed down while you inhale the vapour, letting go once you take your mouth away from the mouthpiece.

Recharging the Vapouriz Tank

Refilling, Recharging & Using your Vapouriz Tank

9. Simply unscrew the Clearomizer from the battery, then screw the battery into the USB charger supplied and check to see of the light is red, showing that it is charging. Once fully charged, the light will turn green and your Vapouriz Tank is then ready to use.

10. It’s really important to make sure you only use the Vapouriz charger supplied with your particular Vapouriz kit. Also, make sure you don’t leave the battery charging over night and don’t leave it charging for more than four hours, or leave it charging unattended. Never use a battery if it is damaged in any way.

That’s it - happy vaping and if you have any further questions please visit our online FAQ page, or contact our customer services department.