How to Win Any Argument With Anti-Vapers!

Monday 22nd September, 2014 | Vaping Guides | 2 Comments

The anti-dote to anti-vapers!

If you are vaping, chances are you are also an ex-tobacco cigarette smoker (or you are at least trying to become an ex-tobacco cigarette smoker!).

That being the case, you probably already have plenty of years of experience under your belt of people giving disapproving looks every time you light up, of people preaching to you about the dangers of smoking, the benefits of giving up and so on.

So when those same people choose to give you a lecture about vaping too, it can definitely feel like you’re fighting a losing battle!

Never fear though, we’ve put together this handy list of responses for you to hopefully quiet down the scaremongers so that you can continue to vape in peace!

They Say: How do you know it’s safe?

You Say: Nothing is 100% safe. What I know for sure is that e-cigarettes are a great deal safer than tobacco cigarettes. In fact many scientists estimate they are around 100 times safer – that’s a risk level that’s about on a par with caffeine. Technically speaking, caffeine isn’t ‘safe’, but nobody’s trying to ban coffee shops in public places, because the risk is minimal!

They Say: Well how do you know they’re safer?

You Say: Because there’s scientific proof to back it up! Smoking related diseases are caused by combustion, there is no combustion in e-cigarettes.

Plus, all the main ingredients in e-liquid - propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and nicotine - have been around for years. They are all very well researched and have all been classed as safe for inhalation.

On top of that, a huge amount of study has been completed in recent years, looking at things such as the effects of e-cigarettes on the lungs, heart and blood, and the results have been massively positive.

If the same research and results were produced in relation to a new medicine with potential to save lives, surely people would be welcoming the news?

They Say: But e-cigarettes are leading non-smokers into starting smoking, because they are making it ‘okay to smoke’ again.

How to Win Any Argument With Anti-Vapers!

You Say: They are certainly not, and there is data to prove it! Recent surveys found that only 0.5% of vapers were non smokers previously. That means that 99.5% of vapers are actually cigarette smokers, most of whom are probably looking to quit – surely that is nothing but a good thing? Sales of E-cig starter kits are almost all to those who want to stop using tobacco products.

E-cigarettes are definitely not a gateway to smoking – they are a way out for people who are already addicted!

They Say: But what about the children? Surely they will be ‘lured in’ by the sweet flavours?

You Say: Actually, the Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association is very active in protecting children as it banned the sale of e-cigs to children years ago. As for the flavours, those are purely for adult benefit – because grownups enjoy those sweet flavours too and they can actually aid in giving up tobacco in the long term!

They Say: Well, it should still be banned in public places.

How to Win Any Argument With Anti-Vapers!

You Say: Why? The smoking ban passed purely because there were genuine dangers associated with second hand smoke. There is no such danger associated with vaping because there is no smoke, there is no smell, there is nothing which could cause any discomfort to a non-vaper.

They Say: E-cigarettes should be regulated, just like tobacco.

You Say: Yes of course they should, and they already are! E-cigarettes are covered by 17 different statutes. Trading standards are involved in ongoing regulation, and are actively seizing substandard products, issuing recall notices and enforcing mandatory testing of e-liquids. Warning labels and pictograms much like those found on traditional cigarette packets are in force on e-liquid labels ensuring full disclosure at all times.

People who use e-cigarettes actually welcome regulation, to ensure that only quality products are on the market. What we don’t want is a situation where scaremongering and a lack of research eliminate the choice and innovation that is currently available. We also don’t want a situation where the e-cigarette market falls into the hands of tobacco companies and/or the pharmaceutical industries who will likely be profit driven and possibly drive vapers back to tobacco cigarettes.

They Say: Well, wouldn’t it just be better to quit?

How to Win Any Argument With Anti-Vapers!

You Say: In an ideal world, yes of course, but that’s much easier said than done! Nicotine is a powerful addiction, and even with nicotine replacement products like patches and gum, the quitting success rate is only around 5-7%.

E-cigarettes offer a long-term alternative that is 100 times safer than tobacco cigarettes. They provide a much easier path to a better chance of quitting altogether, and could potentially save thousands of lives.

If all else fails, ask your lecturer why they are choosing to focus on unfounded negatives that are far outweighed by the positive aspects of vaping. Remind them that top scientists like Professor John Britton have gone on record saying that they believe e-cigarettes have the potential to save millions of lives!

Happy vaping!