How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

Judging how long a single bottle of e-liquid will last is tricky business. A number of different factors can affect the longevity of your juice, including the size of the bottle and how frequently you use that particular e-liquid. At Vapouriz, our e-liquid bottles come in two different sizes of 10ml and 50ml, with the 50ml bottle also containing 10ml of free space within the bottle so you can add a nicotine shot to create your ideal strength.


If you’re a smoker looking to kick your tobacco habit with the use of an e-cigarette and your current cigarette consumption is around fifteen cigarettes per day, you can expect a 10ml bottle of e-liquid to last around for one week. This is because one 10ml bottle is equivalent to around one-hundred classic tobacco cigarettes. A 30ml bottle should keep you going from ten days right up to two or three weeks, depending on how heavily / frequently you’re using your e-cigarette device. This makes vaping significantly cheaper than tobacco products and is therefore a great method of smoking cessation, allowing you to calm your cravings for a fraction of the cost and without the cocktail of harmful chemicals and additives found in traditional tobacco.


The advantage of buying 10ml bottles is that you can try out different varieties of e-liquid to see what best suits you. These small sized bottles also make it incredibly easy to swap between different flavour options, depending on your mood or personal preferences.


We also have a number of refillable pod kits which can be filled with your e-liquid of choice for compact, convenient and ultra-portable vaping. The Smok Nord kit, for example, has a 2ml e-liquid capacity and two compatible coil options to allow you to swap between classic and sub ohm e-liquids with complete ease. Lost Vape’s Orion Q kit also boasts a 2ml e-liquid capacity, which should last for at least one to two full days with normal to moderate use before you’re required to refill your pod.


To make your e-liquids last a little longer, we advise that you use your e-cigarette device at the times you would have smoked a real cigarette, rather than vaping all day long without taking breaks. We also recommend that you ensure you’re vaping the correct nicotine strength for your particular needs, as vaping a liquid with too little nicotine can cause you to feel unsatisfied and will in turn lead you to vape greater volumes of e-liquid.