E-Liquid Flavour and Variety Guide

Electronic cigarettes are considered among the most successful methods of quitting traditional tobacco products and keeping serious heart and lung-related diseases at bay. They were especially designed to aid heavy smokers in kicking the butt. E-cigarettes are much safer alternatives to regular cigarettes because they provide the same sensation as cigarette-smoking but eliminate smoke, which in turn significantly reduces the risks of cancer. In addition, they do not contain tar or leave behind any smell while ensuring you get your daily dose of nicotine. The vapour produced instead of smoke is a result of the heating of the e liquid.

More about the e liquid

E liquid or E-juice, as it is also called, is a nicotine solution that has added flavours. The cartomizer or atomizer heats up the e-liquid, thereby resulting in the production of a vapour that closely mimics the smoke emitted from tobacco cigarettes. The sensation is the same, but the health benefits are clearly more notable. E-liquids have a secret ingredient – the flavour. Since you will be inhaling the vapour, you will surely taste it. This is why you can now choose the flavour you love most and enjoy it while ingesting nicotine.

The throat hit is another important factor that makes e-cigarettes as similar as the traditional ones. The flavour in the e-liquid delivers a good taste when the nicotine hits your throat. The production of vapour will depend on the kind of e-juice you purchase. There are different e-cigarette brands with various e liquid cartridges. You can either purchase the e liquid with electronic cigarettes or buy it separately.

Variety of e liquid flavours

E-cigarette users have a host of options available to them in terms of e liquid flavours. Depending on the brand of e-cigarette, you can try several flavours including cherry, mint tea, menthol, chocolate, peppermint, Caribbean coconut, banana, grape, green apple, peach, bubblegum, cotton candy, pear, vanilla, pineapple, strawberry, etc. The access to a large number of wonderful flavours has encouraged several smokers to kick the butt in favour of electronic cigarettes. Apart from allowing you to choose the flavour, electronic cigarettes also help you to adjust the level of nicotine you wish to ingest. By reducing the nicotine levels, you can significantly reduce your cravings for nicotine over time. It is for this reason that electronic cigarettes are said to be smoking-cessation devices as they slowly but steadily help smokers quit the age-old habit.

Author: Brett Vapouriz