E-Juice Flavours and Strengths Guide

We have been aware of the dangers of cigarettes for some time, however, a fitting alternative didn’t appear until a few short years ago with the arrival of e cigarettes. Today, e cigs have taken off in a big way. They have been introduced as a healthier alternative, and their uptake amongst even the heaviest smokers has been impressive in the past 18 months.

How do e cigs work?

With most models, nicotine vapour is inhaled through the e cigarette device. E liquid, also known as ‘e juice’ is soaked up through a wick in the device which is then inhaled as a vapour to the end user. This burst of nicotine calms cravings without the harmful carbon monoxide and other nasty poisons that are burned with tobacco cigarettes. The use of e cigarettes referred to as ‘vaping’ owing to the vaporisation of nicotine.

Why e liquids instead of refill cartridges?

By refilling your e cigarette with e cigarette liquid as opposed to refill cartridges, you save money and reduce the frequency in which you need to refill. A 30ml e liquid retails at around £10 (Little more than the cost of 20 tobacco cigarettes!) and lasts up to three weeks for the typical 20 a day smoker, so the saving begins as soon as you make the switch. Another benefit of using e liquids is that you have a vast range of flavours and strengths to suit your tastes.

Flavours and strengths.

The nicotine strength in the e liquids range from 2.4% for heavy smokers right down to 0.6% for light or social smokers, for a less intense taste. Furthermore, you can also choose your preferred tobacco taste from USA Gold or Smooth Virginia. All of our e liquids are manufactured in the UK for guaranteed consistency and premium quality. This can also be used as an id to breaking the habit entirely: You may wish to wind down the strength of the nicotine and break away from tobacco flavours in favour of fruit or menthol... the selection of juice flavours is huge!

If you want a fruity taste to your e cigarette, e liquids are also available in a vast range of fruity flavours. These flavours include strawberry, mango, minty bubblegum, wild cherry, fruit punch, blueberry, mint and mojito.

Still not sure if it’s for you?

If you’re not sure which strength or flavour to choose, we can send a sample pack of 5 x 24mg bottles of tobacco, fruit or mint flavours for a nominal fee so you can find your perfect match.

With e liquids you save money, and have the added extra of being able to pick and choose your preferred flavours. Better still, you can rest assured that our e liquids are manufactured in the UK, for guaranteed quality. Why not make the change today by trying a sample pack?