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What is vaping?

Simply put, Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour from a battery powered device, usually called a Vape Kit or Box Mod.

The vapour is created by a heating element (called a coil) inside an atomizer. These Vape kits use a viscous liquid called E Liquid or E Juice as the 'fuel'.  Pressing the fire button will heat the coil to a certain temperature and turn the e liquid into Vapour which is then inhaled.

How do I vape?

Vaping is the act of inhaling vapour. The Vapour is produced by the quick heating of e liquid through a coil inside an atomizer to a certain temperature, activated by a battery. 

What is e liquid?

E Liquid is a viscous flavoured liquid containing nicotine, but is also available nicotine free, and is used with a wide variety of vape kits and vaping devices.

Reasons to Vape!

Health Benefits in comparison to smoking tobacco

Additional chemicals are present in normal cigarette smoking. Vape kits don't produce carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, ammonia, cyanide and acetone.

Save Money by Vaping!

If you decided to change from smoking cigarettes to e cigs then you would save money. The cost to continue smoking e cigarettes is less that the cost of normal cigarettes.

Vaping is safer for the people around you

The reduced number of chemicals means that vaping is less dangerous for the people around you too. Also, the smell alone is less offensive to others.

Welcome to Vapouriz

Premium Vape Kits, E Liquid and Vaping Accessories

Located in Guildford, just 30 miles south of London, Vapouriz is one of the leading retailers of Vape Kits, E Liquid and Vaping Accessories in Europe.

Vapouriz offer a wide variety of Vape Kits from Vaping Starter Kits and Sub Ohm Starter Kits to Temperature Control Box Mods.

As one of the leading Vape brands, we offer a range of innovative and high quality vaping devices and a range of high quality Premium E Liquids, and High VG liquids suitable for sub ohm vaping.

All our E-Liquid is manufactured by us, here in the UK in ISO Class 7 Certified Clean rooms, and we are working tirelessly to achieve compliance under ISO 9001, and PAS 54115.

Vapouriz offer a dedicated commitment to providing quality and safety, with independent quality control procedures and testing in place.

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