Throat Hit 101

If you’ve heard of throat hit and wondered what it is, or want to get a bit more from your vape, then read on to find out all you need to know about getting a vape throat hit.

What is throat hit?

Put simply, throat hit is the feeling you get when you inhale an e-cigarette. The vapour hits the back of your throat, causing a pleasurable catch, tickle or tingle.

The sensation is caused by ingredients in your e-liquid irritating your throat – although the experience is good rather than bad!

For many vapers, the kick of vape throat hit is an essential part of the experience of vaping, while other people might prefer to get no throat hit at all. People who turn to e-cigarettes from tobacco cigarettes may well find that a good vape throat hit helps them to effectively quit, as it’s a similar sensation to the one caused by tobacco cigarettes. It’s all down to personal preference, and by knowing how to control throat hit effectively, you’ll be able to vape just the way you like it.

How do you get more throat hit?

If you don’t think you’re getting the vape throat hit that’s right for you, there are a few things you can do to improve the experience.

Nicotine is one of the main triggers for throat hit – and is the reason that a lot of tobacco cigarette smokers will enjoy getting throat hit when they switch to vaping.

If you’re a new e-cigarette user, it’s useful to know what sort of nicotine level to start with so that you can satisfy any cravings you have for both nicotine and throat hit. If you smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, you could try 1.2% or 1.8% nicotine levels in your e-liquids. Light smokers should start at 0.6%. Don’t be tempted to start at a very low level if you were a heavy smoker and are trying to quit – the main thing at first is to wean yourself from tobacco cigarettes, then concentrate on lowering your nicotine level. Getting the right throat hit from your nicotine is part of this.

A higher PG ratio in your e-liquid will help you get more vape throat hit. E-liquid contains a blend of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG) and nicotine, with each contributing to the flavour. The higher the PG, the higher the throat hit, as well as more flavour, and less clouds. Look for e-liquids with a high PG level, like 70% PG to 30% VG, and you’ll get more of that satisfying kick.

As well as choosing an e-liquid with high PG content and the right nicotine level, you could also look at the flavour. Many vapers find that tobacco, mint or menthol flavoured e-liquids give a bigger throat hit than a fruity one.

Increasing the temperature or power to your e-cigarette can also help you get more throat hit, and it’s worth experimenting with this once you’ve got your e-liquid sorted. If you have airflow control on your e-cigarette, then you could try reducing the airflow to your device, as this can also give your vape more of a kick.

How to get a gentler vape

If you don’t like throat hit and want to reduce the kick you get from your vape, or you want to try cloud chasing and need a smoother vape, it’s easy to make a few changes.

Instead of going for a high PG e-liquid, try an e-liquid with more VG in the ratio. You’ll get a much smoother vape, along with bigger clouds. You may experience a reduction in flavour, but it shouldn’t be enough to be an issue, particularly if your e-cigarette is meant for sub-ohm or high VG vaping.

Reducing the nicotine level of your e-liquid is the easiest way to reduce vape throat hit. There are a few different levels of nicotine that you can choose from, going right down to 0% (the perfect level for cloud chasing).

You could try a sweet e-liquid to reduce throat hit, and you’ll find a world of flavours happily waiting for you. Think strawberry shakes if you’re a sub-ohm vaper, or a sweet, fresh berry smoothie for regular e-cigarettes.

Whether you want a strong or gentle vape throat hit, you should regularly clean your e-cigarette kit to make the most of your vape and ensure consistency when you inhale. A little e-cigarette maintenance could make all the difference to your vape!