Win a FREE VCURVE Vape Kit!

Win a FREE VCURVE Vape Kit!

Wednesday 24th February, 2016 | Special Offers | 1 Comment

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

Friday 17th October, 2014 | Special Offers

Here at Vapouriz, we pride ourselves in bringing the highest quality e-liquid products at the most competitive prices. We have one of the greatest selections of flavoursome, fun and unusual e-liquids out there. If you want to try something new or different, or are looking for a tasty new e-liquid that will fill your mouth with the most wonderful flavour, we've got something for you.

What makes Vapouriz stand out from the crowd is that we are based right here in the UK, and that's exactly where we produce our e-liquids. This means we follow guidelines and standards to bring you the very best quality ingredients, which results in maximum flavour.

Multi-Buy Offers

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

Right now, Vapouriz has a fantastic offer on that makes our quality e-liquids even more affordable. This is a great way for you to load up on our wonderful products, so that you're never caught short without your favourite e-liquid and left reaching for a normal cigarette. With these fantastic prices, you can keep your cravings at bay for longer without breaking the bank.

You can get 3 x 10ml e-liquids for just £11.99 (£3.99 each) - that's a saving of £2.98!

You can get 6 x 10ml e-liquids for just £19.99 (£3.33 each) - that's a saving of £9.95!

You can get 10 x 10ml e-liquids for just £29.99 (£2.99) - that's a saving of £19.91!

What makes these gigantic savings even tastier is that unlike other companies, we don't restrict you to choosing one flavour. No, with our offers, you can choose as many different flavours as you'd like! Whether you want 3 different flavours for £11.99 or a whopping 10 different flavours for just £29.99! For these prices, you can stock up on your favourite blends, try something new or grab some great affordable luxury e-liquids to give to your friends.

The great thing about taking up this amazing multi-buy deal with Vapouriz, is that we have one of the most extensive selections of e-liquids available on the market. From traditional tobacco, to sweet fruity flavours and weird and wonderful tastes, we have something for everyone.

Use our handy guide below to choose your perfect multi-buy selection of our most wonderful, fragrant, top quality e-liquids.

Traditional Flavours

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

If you want to incorporate some traditional tobacco flavours into your multi-buy purchase, try our deliciously deep, rich and smoky tobacco flavour e-liquids. They come in a range of nicotine strengths, from subtle 0.6%, for those looking to cut out smoking altogether, to stronger 2.4% for those with a higher dependency.

Another great quality e-liquid that Vapouriz have made right here in the UK is our USA Red Tobacco. It's our fresh take on a true American institution: the 'red' brand cigarettes.

Fresh and Minty

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

If menthol, fresh and minty flavours are more your bag, we have some brilliant menthol and minty flavours included in our multi-buy offer as well. The Vapouriz range of expertly blended mint flavours includes Menthol, Mint and a cool Ice blend, which is a mix of the two. So consider including one of these minty fresh blends in your multi-buy if you want the cool, tingling sensation with your nicotine hit.

Fruity Flavours

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

One of our favourite ranges here at Vapouriz is the extensive collection of fun fruity flavour e-liquids. One of our most popular blends is our Apple e-liquid, with a sweet, fruity punch that refreshes the mouth after every inhale. Our fabulous Banana e-liquid is comforting and soothing, with it's buttery, banana taste. Fancy something tropical? Why not include our brilliant Watermelon e-liquid as part of your multi-buy offer. The fresh taste will gently tickle your palette and bring back sweet memories of sunny holidays. For those looking for a touch of nostalgia, our throw back Blue Raspberry blend is kitsch and retro; sure to put a smile on your face. There's also a Red Cherry e-liquid for those with a cheeky streak to their personality.

This is just a small selection of the huge range of fruity flavours that Vapouriz produce right here in the UK. For the full range, check out our product list.

Sweet Treats

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

We weren't kidding when we said that we stock one of the UK's best ranges of e-liquid flavours. We are delighted to include some rare and unusual blends in our collection that will truly tantalise your tastebuds. One flavour that you could incorporate into your multi-buy purchase is one of our most popular sweet treats: our Bakewell Tart e-liquid. This delectable combination of sweet raspberry jam, delicious almond and cherry is almost as good as eating the real thing: guaranteed to keep the cravings at bay! There’s also delicious Rhubarb and Custard e-liquid, for a trip down memory lane, and Bubblegum e-liquid if you fancy something playful.

Happy Hour

E-liquid Multibuy Offer Saves You a Packet!

If the pubs are bringing you fantastic offers on cocktails, then we thought we had better deliver our customers some great deals on our wonderful alcoholic range of e-liquids. That's a money pleasing 3 x 10ml e-liquids for just £11.99; 6 x 10ml e-liquids for just £19.99 or 10 x 10ml e-liquids of your choice at an incredible £29.99.

Just a few of the bar themed e-liquids that we offer are Gin and Tonic e-liquid, Irish Coffee e-liquid and Pina Colada e-liquid. Why not take advantage of our 3 x 10ml e-liquids offer and get all three for just £11.99!

The great news is that all of our flavours are available in a range of nicotine strengths to suit people of all nicotine dependencies. So go on and take advantage of Vapouriz’s fantastic multi-buy offers today. With savings this good, it would be rude not to!

E Cigarettes May Be The Perfect Gift!

E Cigarettes May Be The Perfect Gift!

Friday 24th January, 2014 | Special Offers | 1 Comment

Helping a Smoker Become a 'Vaper'

Sometimes it can be difficult to buy a gift for the person who has just about everything, but if they are a regular smoker and have been thinking of trying an alternative option to smoking, now's your chance! Why not treat them to a Vapouriz electric cigarette starter kit; a gift they may not think about themselves and one which is better for them and can help save money.

There are a great choice of cartomizers,which are better for those new to "vaping". This is so called because the e-cigarette is made up of an electronic device that heats up e-juice in a container or cartridge, the liquid becomes a water vapour that the user takes in and exhales very much in the same way as smoking a normal cigarette.


Cartomizer or Tank?

Buying one as a gift for someone who is just starting out vaping is a really great idea, especially as the Vapouriz packs come with everything you need to get started.

The cartridges or cartomizers are already filled with an e-juice and have in built atomizers or heating elements, so they are very simple to use. For those who are experienced in the use of e-cigarettes, then what better present to give than a Vapouriz Tank Kit. These kits are refillable so that you can experiment with a really great range of e-liquid flavours. This is just the sort of gift that keeps on giving as you will be able to keep buying and trying different e-juices for your nearest and dearest until they settle on one or more favourites.

Buying an electronic cigarette kit really does take the hassle out of gift giving and you are helping someone towards a healthier future.

Customize & Upgrade Your Vape!

There are also a number of different styles and colours to choose from so if you have got family members or friends who like to make a fashion statement, then colour coordinate the gift you give them.

If you know someone who is constantly on the go, whether it is travelling on business or who just enjoys getting out and about, there are travel packs available, with portable charging cases.

To make the gift more economical you could send out a "wish list" of accessories to add to the main e-cigarette kit and really make someones year. Plus pick up a sample pack of e-juice and you can make this years Christmas and birthday one to remember. in fact, these are the ideal gift for any occasion. Not only are you giving something thoughful and practical but showing how much you value it's recipient because you are giving them something that is the first step to a healthier and potentially longer life.

Why Should I Buy and Use a Vapouriz Electronic Cigarette?

Why Should I Buy and Use a Vapouriz Electronic Cigarette?

Friday 15th November, 2013 | Special Offers | 1 Comment

Simple - you wish to give up smoking tobacco. This might be for health or economic reasons, or, quite likely, both. You may have tried other methods and found them not to be right for you, or you may be about to make a first serious attempt. If this sounds familiar, then e-cigarettes could be exactly what you're looking for.

Three key questions worth considering

• What exactly is a Vapouriz e-cigarette?

It’s an electronic nicotine delivery system that uses a battery-powered device that simulates the experience of smoking tobacco, employing a heating element to vaporise a liquid solution.

• What are the benefits of using it?

Well, it’s obviously a much healthier way of delivering nicotine than traditional ciggies! If you are a heavy smoker, it can also save you the best part of a couple of thousand pounds a year. Sports trainers often use the term muscle-memory to suggest the building of good habits when training. Your e-cigarette mimics the action your body expects when smoking – you still inhale, and then exhale simple water vapour.

• Isn’t it socially awkward to use it?

A few years ago, there was certainly a novelty value that could lead to a few strange looks or mickey-taking from friends. That’s long gone – people are ever more aware of the health risks associated with smoking and are much more likely to be supportive. It’s also quite a common and accepted sight now in places such as restaurants.

The Brief History of Tobacco - Free Smoking

You’ve probably never heard of Herbert A Gilbert

If you think that e-cigarettes are a recent idea, Herbert patented a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” exactly fifty years ago. It replaced burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist-flavoured air. Sadly, it was never commercially produced, but his basic idea endured.

No whiffs or butts – it’s time to give it a go

Using the Vapouriz slogan, if you are ready to take that first step, you will find they have an excellent choice of Starter Kits. You can give the experience a first try with their Solo Disposable option; or go straight for one of their range of rechargeable models. Incidentally, they offer more than sixty different flavours from menthol to red cola!

Mark Twain offered one of the great quotes in this area: “Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I've done it thousands of times.” But then Vapouriz electronic cigarettes simply weren’t available in his day!