Top E-Liquid Flavours for Summer

When the sun is shining and we take to our gardens and parks to enjoy a bit of warmth, there’s nothing quite as nice as a refreshing vape. We pick out some juicy e-liquid treats for you to enjoy this summer.

Fruity e-liquids are always a pleasure in the sunshine, even for people who wouldn’t normally reach for a bowl of strawberries or watermelon in warm weather.

If you fancy something fruity but don’t know where to start, a berry smoothie e-liquid is just the thing. It blends sweet and fresh berries together for a rich, smooth taste. There’s also the delicious Blue Raspberry sub-ohm e-liquid by Pocket Fuel, which mixes a cooling raspberry slushie with tasty blueberry for a cloud chasing treat.

The crisp, clean, tangy taste of apple might be what you need, in which case a Juicy Apple e-liquid will satisfy your craving and help keep you feeling cool in the heat.

For a mix of berries that packs a punch, the Sloth e-liquid by Pure Evil is a summertime dream. Seven berries are blended together in this slowly matured e-liquid, resulting in a delicious, mellow, everyday vape for sub-ohm vapers.

You could keep things simple with the juicy, sweet taste of perfectly ripe strawberries with a Strawberry Bliss e-liquid, or the fragrant delight that is a Raspberry e-liquid. What’s more, the Raspberry e-liquid is perfect for mixing with other flavours to create your own fruity summer blends – try adding a dash of it to strawberry, menthol or mint e-liquid in your tank for an extra fruity edge.

The new Cold Blooded e-liquid from Pure Evil is summertime heaven for sub-ohm vapers. Mixing berries and cool mint, it’s packed with fresh flavours and provides huge clouds.

For a more grown-up fruity treat, there’s a Fruit Tonic e-liquid which infuses a fresh fruit medley with a touch of tonic. Sub-ohm vapers could try the Pink Fizz e-liquid from Pocket Fuel, a max VG blend of tasty pink berries and fizzy champagne that produces great flavour and big clouds.

If you’re looking for something cooling but not too fruity, there’s the Ice Mint e-liquid, a perfect everyday vape with a soothing throat hit and breezy mint flavour. Pocket Fuel’s popular Menthol Mist e-liquid is perfect for sub-ohm vapers who want big clouds while enjoying refreshing peppermint and soothing menthol.

With so many fruity, cooling flavours to choose from, there’s no shortage of vaping refreshment this summer!