Quick Fire Guide to Steeping E-liquid

If you’re been using e-cigarettes for a while, you may have heard that some people believe their e-liquid is best when it’s been steeped. We take a look at what steeping is, and how you can do it.

What is steeping?

Your e-liquid has probably spent some time sitting on a shelf before it reaches you, so the different ingredients might have settled. It could also have been made quickly due to high demand, and need a little time for the flavours to mature. This is where steeping comes in, for maximum taste.

Ultimately, steeping e-liquid is similar to mixing flavours in a soup, letting wine mature and breathe, or giving spices time to settle in a curry or stew.

It’s a way of using a few different methods to better combine the basic ingredients that make up your favourite e-liquids.

By steeping e liquid you can make flavours deeper and more potent, and get more pleasure from your vaping experience. As well as improving flavour, steeping can give you more of a throat hit when you vape.

Best of all, it doesn’t take much effort to steep e-liquid, and there are various methods you can use – and combine – to get great results.

Quick Fire Guide to Steeping E-liquid

Method 1 – get it agitated

One of the easiest things you can do to get those e-liquid flavours tasting better is to agitate your e-liquid.

With the lid on, give your e-liquid bottle a vigorous shake, and let things mix up.

Of course, this is something most of us will do with e-liquid without even thinking about it, and is best when combined with other steeping methods.

Method 2 – let it breathe

This is another simple way of steeping e liquid. After shaking, take off your e-liquid cap and expose your juice to the air for a while.

Keep it at room temperature while you do this, and give the bottle an occasional squeeze.

You can leave the cap off for anything from a couple of hours to overnight for best effects.

Method 3 – give it time

One of the best ways to steep e-liquid is to put it in a dark, cool place, and combine with some shaking and breathing.

It’s time heavy, but will result in a great tasting vape.

Start by shaking the e-liquid, then letting it sit for a few hours, then shaking again and letting it breathe, then repeating. Do this for a couple of weeks and you’ll notice the results – it will deepen in colour as well as taste!

Method 4 – warm it up

Another great way of steeping e liquid is to put it in a bowl of warm water, and let it sit there until the water cools to room temperature.

You can also achieve this by running the e-liquid bottles under the warm tap for a while. Some experts suggest you don’t let the water become too hot, though, otherwise it may affect the alcohol content. The warm water will make the molecules in the e-liquid move faster, and speed up the steepening process.

Another option is to use your microwave to speed things up, give it a blast in short 1 second bursts!

Experiment with different methods of steeping for different e-liquids, to see what works best for you. Some e-liquids will be great after a quick shake, while others will give you an amazing vaping experience after a week in a cupboard.

¹DISCLAIMER: Anything read in this article is for educational purposes only. If you decide to attempt any of the techniques listed above then you are doing so at your own risk. Some e-liquid bottles might not be microwave safe and therefore care should be taken when utilising heat and always ensure e-liquid is stored away from pets and children whether open or not, please, think safety first!