How to do Vape Tricks

Vape tricks are a great way to show off your skills and take your hobby to a new level.

When you're first starting out, doing tricks might seem impossible, but it's not as difficult as it looks. Today we're running you through a few classic tricks and giving you the tips you need to master them.

Your kit

If you're going to master tricks, the first step is to take a look at your hardware. The right hardware will make easy work of any tricks you'd like to try.

Understandably, MTL vape pens won't work for tricks - you'll need a box mod and ideally one that has a variable voltage setting. The faster you can heat your coil, the more smoke you'll produce - which is exactly what you're going to need for practicing tricks. For great tricks, you want at least 60w of power to get you going.

Next think about the coil. You want durable, thick coil that will heat up quickly and can take the pressure of heavy usage. Finally, consider your tank. A tank with adjustable airflow will also help you make more vapour. Tanks are now made with a maximum capacity of 2ml, so keep some extra juice to hand, too.

Your e-liquids

Understanding the two main ingredients in e-liquids will help you pick the right one. PG - Propylene Glycol - is the ingredient responsible for throat hit, which is important for MTL vapers but less-so for sub-ohm setups when you want big clouds for your tricks.

VG - Vegetable Glycerin - is the big ingredient you're looking for, and you want at least a 30/70 PG/VG split. Many vapers will mix their own e-liquids for tricks, or even go with a liquid that is 90% or 100% VG.

Think about nicotine too; particularly when you're starting out with tricks and practicing a lot, an e-liquid with zero nicotine is the best way to go. Otherwise you might end up getting what vapers refer to as "over-nic'ed", which might cause you to feel a little lightheaded.

How to do vape tricks

Vape tricks differ but many start with the same basic principle, so make sure you've mastered this first. Get comfortable with inhaling as much vapour into your lungs as possible and being able to release it slowly in a controlled way. Practice releasing vapour from your lungs into your mouth with your lips firmly closed, as well as breathing vapour through your nose. With the basics figured out you're ready to take on some popular tricks in style

Blowing O's

The smoke ring is a satisfying classic and one you can master without much work. Inhale, push the vapour slowly through your mouth with your tongue flat while your lips form an o-shape. Watch tutorial videos like this one to help you get this one right.

The Dragon

Some swear The Dragon is the easiest trick in the book, while others find it nearly impossible. To do it, you'll need to forcefully push the vapour out through both your nostrils and your mouth simultaneously. Keep your lips firmly closed in the centre, leaving two small pockets at the corners of your lips for vapour to escape out of.

Liquid Mist

This is a nice and easy trick with a great finishing effect. You'll need a glass, preferably filled with cold liquid (pints work great for this). Inhale, then touch your lips to the rim of the glass and exhale slowly into the glass. The vapour will sit on top of the liquid, and if you move carefully it when you put the glass back down it will sit there long enough for you to upload the evidence to Instagram. Check out how to do this one here.