Guide to Travelling with your Vaping gear and E-Cigs

Travelling with your e-cigarette

Guide to Travelling with your Vaping gear and E-Cigs

Travelling can be a stressful enough task without worrying about if and where your e-cigarette is going to get you in trouble. You want to be able to take a drag on that delicious vapour (we are particularly partial to a Vapouriz Gin and Tonic E-Liquid on holiday) without worrying about causing a stir. Although some countries do have guidelines that restrict the use of e-cigarettes, the majority, especially in Europe, will allow you to kick back and relax whilst smoking your favourite vapour. To help you with the trickier countries, we’ve compiled a list of essential rules to follow. So allow us to enable you to sit back, relax and enjoy your e-cigarette on holiday with our essential guide to travelling with your e-cigarette.

Using e-cigarettes in airports

Some airports in the UK are now far more tolerant of e-cigarettes, but it is still best to check their policy upon your arrival - you don't want a slapped wrist before your holiday's even begun! Some larger airports may even have vaping lounges, indoor smoking areas specifically for e-cigarettes. However, even these will rarely allow you to smoke beyond the gateway, so just exercise caution at every zone.

Some airports may ask you to smoke your e-cigarette in the normal smoking areas only. At least if it's raining you can take comfort in the fact that you're hopefully heading to warmer soils!

Through customs

There have been cases of security guards raising the alarms after mistaking parts of an e-cigarette for bullets. However, as e-cigarettes become more and more common, these mistakes are less likely to occur. A smart move is to say to the guard that you're carrying an electronic cigarette before you pass through. That way, they'll be less alarmed if they find something they don't recognise. It's also a good idea to make sure your e-cigarette is charged so you can demonstrate exactly what it is. When travelling, you may want to keep your e-cigarette and Vapouriz e-liquids separate, as they may take the e-liquid off you (if they do not allow nicotine in this form in that country) but allow you to keep the e-cigarette hard wear.

On the airplane

Guide to Travelling with your Vaping gear and E-Cigs

Since the introduction of e-cigarettes, there has been confusion about whether you can use them on planes. The general consensus is no – unfortunately it’s not worth the fuss. Most airlines do not permit it and, although there has been the odd report of some that have (Air Canada for example) it’s not worth the risk.

It is also ambiguous whether or not you are allowed to take your e-cigarette on a plane at all, as some airlines do not permit you to take lithium batteries in your hand luggage. The best thing to do is ask when you check in as you may need to put your e-cigarette in your hold luggage. Do ensure they are carefully packed though. Take a look at our protective cases and charge for e cigs.

E-cigarettes in other countries

The good news is that there are plenty of countries, especially in Europe, where smoking e-cigarettes is permitted and you can stroll the streets enjoying your sweet, fragrant vapour. However, there also countries where e-cigarettes are banned altogether and countries where the system is a little more confusing. This is because many countries have a two-tiered system when it comes to smoking e-cigarettes, with difference stances on nicotine and non-nicotine products.

The two-tier system

Vapouriz stocks a wide range of e-liquid flavours, which all contain nicotine in various strengths. There is a 2.4% nicotine content for the heavier smokers, going right down to 0.6% for people trying to become nicotine free completely. Because these products contain nicotine, it is essential that you understand the following system that some countries impose.

In countries operating a two-tiered system, all elements of your e-cigarette without nicotine are permitted. That means the hardware and any refills without nicotine. However, refills with nicotine require a medical license. The black market will usually step in and you’ll be able to replace anything lost at customs, but make sure that you’re cautious as some places are stricter than others.

This website will allow you to check the e-cigarette legal status of your destination:

With e-cigarettes being a relatively new product, please note that the regulations are forever changing. It is always best that you check with your local authorities the rules and regulations on vaping before you travel to avoid any trouble.

Finally…enjoy Vapouriz e-cigarettes!

Guide to Travelling with your Vaping gear and E-Cigs

Our final words of advice are to make sure you stock up on your favourite, delicious Vapouriz e-liquids before you travel as the selection may not be this good abroad! With our extensive collection of e-liquids, whether you fancy traditional tobacco, fruity citrus notes, sweet strawberries and cream or indulgent Irish cream, we have something for you. Why not have fun choosing e-liquids to reflect your destination, such as strawberry and cream for American fun and watermelon for tropical sun breaks. When you’re lying on the beach, by the pool or strolling around the sights abroad, with your Vapouriz e-cigarette in hand, don’t forget to send us postcard!