Common E-Cig Problems and How to Fix Them

The e-cigarette brings with it a large number of advantages, from saving money to huge health benefits.

But if you find, especially at first, that you are struggling with mastering use of your electronic cigarette, you’re far from alone.

Here are some of the more common problems users have – and how to deal with them.

• Nicotine hit too low

Common E-Cig Problems and How to Fix Them

Real cigarettes give users their nicotine fix more rapidly than their electronic counterparts, which is why many scientists are convinced e-cigs are less addictive. However, that may mean you find you're not getting the fix you need when you first start using e-cigs. Happily, the solution is pretty straightforward. Try making a switch to a stronger e-liquid that has a higher quantity of nicotine, to get the same effects as you would from smoking a cigarette. You’ll be surprised at the strength of some of the strongest products on today’s market.

Another idea is to use a stronger, variable voltage e cig device that means you get to alter the voltage so that you get the hit you need. The problem could well be that the device you are using is just too weak.

Equally, make sure you are using your device in the right way for maximum effect. If you are like the majority of smokers, you will have grown used to pulling on tobacco by drawing brief drags directly into your lungs.

But when using a vaper, the best way is to draw a much longer drag into your mouth, before pulling it into your lungs.

One researcher has discovered that, unlike regular cigarettes, the nicotine from e-cigarettes gets absorbed into the airway passages rather than the lungs.

Another very straightforward and easily put right issue could be that your batteries are just getting weak. So, before you do anything else, try using a battery that’s fully charged, and see what difference that makes.

Something else to check is your clearomiser. This could have become flooded, or you may need a new coil for it.

• Throat hit not strong enough

If you find you are not getting enough of a throat hit, again you could be using the wrong e-liquid, or if the throat hit is too strong, you may need an e-juice with greater quantities of vegetable glycerine.

Some eliquids have distilled water, and this increases the hit to the throat.

Some devices have a stronger throat hit – for example second generation e-cigs or tank systems. Get one with a variable voltage battery, increase the voltage and enjoy a stronger throat hit.

You also need to check your atomiser or clearomiser has not become flooded.

At the risk of sounding repetitive, again you may need a device with a more powerful battery if you feel you want to get more vapour.

Common E-Cig Problems and How to Fix Them

• Battery not working

If you have a manual battery, click it a full six times to be absolutely sure it is switched on.

Alternatively, there could be a problem with the connection between your battery and the clearomiser.

The ends of the clearormiser and your battery terminal should both be kept clean with a cotton bud.

• Leaking clearomiser

Make sure it is fitted properly, but if problems persist, you may just need to change your clearomiser. They can become damaged over time, especially if stored in pockets or bags where they me be ebnt or bashed. Simply buy a new one!

• Burnt taste in your mouth?

This could be because you are using the clearomiser too soon after filling, without letting the eliquid soak in. Or you may not be using enough eliquid, or you may need to replace your atomiser coil, clearomiser or cartridge.

• Not tasting the eliquid

Try blowing gently back through the clearomiser, or changing the eliquid you are using.

• Dry/sore throat

This can sometimes be caused by the propylene glycol in eliquid. In the vast majority of cases, a drink of water is enough to things right. If not, try a vegetable glycerine (Pure VG E Liquid) based eliquid.

• Gurgling sounds

These are probably due to a flooded clearomiser or atomiser. You may have overfilled the clearomiser, screwed it too tightly or loosely on to the battery, or cross threaded it.

All you need to do is clean the clearomiser out, taking it apart and running it under warm water before leaving it to dry out thoroughly.

Common E-Cig Problems and How to Fix Them

• Charger not working

It may sound obvious, but make very sure you are using the right charger for your device and that the terminals of both it and the e cig battery are clean.

Finally, e-cigs are surprisingly easily lost. The solution is to use a lanyard or a suction cup holder to help solve the problem.

You should find that most of the issues that crop up with e-cigs are very easily solved, but talk to your manufacturer if problems persist. Of course, every step of the way, even if you do get the occasional niggle, remind yourself of how much better it is to be smoking e-cigs than tobacco.