A Visual Guide to the new TPD E-liquid Labelling

In May 2016 the most recent update to the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into effect, changing the rules about how e-cigarettes and e-liquids are labelled and advertised.

To comply with the new changes, e-liquid makers must now put health warnings on any products and packaging that contain nicotine, similar to those already found on loose tobacco and boxes of cigarettes.

While most reputable e-liquid makers already include a good amount of information for consumers on their packaging, there are a number of specific things that must be covered to be TPD-compliant.

To help make it easy to understand the new changes, we've put together a visual guide to help cover all the ins and outs of e-liquid packaging and untangle the new TPD requirements for nicotine products.

Simply hover your mouse over, or tap, the hotspot circles below to find out more about each aspect of the labeling.

Compulsory requirements

Under the new requirements, e-liquid boxes must include a warning label on the front and the back of the box as well as on the bottle label. It can't be edited, altered or moved in any way - it must say "This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance" in Helvetica font. The only exception to this is where the e-liquid has zero nicotine.

Both bottle and label must also include a warning and age restriction icon, along with a batch and expiry date and a specific placement of ingredients.

Boxes and labels must also include the brand, liquid name, size, nicotine content per dose, address and contact details, 5mm artwork bleed and on the box an area for the barcode.


Under the new regulations, there are also restrictions about what the design cannot refer to. You can't refer to taste, smell or other additives (except flavourings), and the design cannot resemble food or cosmetic products.

Packaging must also refrain from any suggestion that the e-liquid has any health or lifestyle benefits, such as it has a vitalizing, energizing, healing, rejuvenating or natural or organic properties. It also cannot suggest it is less harmful than other electronic cigarettes or refill containers.