Breaking the Tobacco Habit - A Testimonial

Friday 6th December, 2013 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

Quitting Tobacco? Trust in E-Cigs

As an ex-smoker of 19 years myself I have always struggled to give up smoking for any length of time, and I have been through all the different substitutes. None of them worked. Now, with the selection available on I managed to kick the habit right away and it's now one month down the line and I'm feeling fine.

Accept No Substitutes

But this is the end of a long journey that went through literally every tobacco substitute out there. Tobacco patches and chewing gum were hailed as the miracle cure for so long, but they're clinical versions and miss some of the key parts of the smoking experience. I always liked to hold the cigarette in my hand, watch the smoke and feel that hit on the back of my through every time I took a drag. So the gum and patches were destined to fail: These were expensive and ineffective; again I missed the smoking sensation.

My First E-cigarette

In comparison, my first E-Cig was a revelation. It ticked all the boxes in that it was an actual cigarette, with nicotine, and the only thing missing were the other noxious chemicals that seem to hold the tobacco together in normal cigarettes. Refills are easy to use and with liquid in the house I never have to go out in the cold for a packet of anything.

 I could choose my strength, so inevitably started with the most powerful liquid, and could even experiment with different flavours. At the start it was important to have that authentic cigarette taste to help me get over the cravings for a real one, but over time I found I could experiment with fruit and menthol flavours that would have seemed alien just a few weeks before. Instead of the stale cigarette taste I could have a strawberry hit that satisfied my cravings, it was like a miracle cure.

Reduce the level of nicotine and break the habit.

Of course soon, when I was used to the idea of vaping, I could focus on the nicotine content and slowly bring it down. Right now I am on the 1.8% solution, but the next package will go even lower and I can see a day when I'm vaping 0% nicotine solution and being happy with it. 

Will I give up completely? I'm not sure, I actually like vaping and with no harmful side-effects I can continue to enjoy the flavour and the vaping hit that has easily replaced the sensation of smoking for me. One thing is sure, I'll never smoke another traditional cigarette now I have my E-Cig: that is not something I expected to say and after failing with every other smoking substitute I feel like this is the first time I've broken the stinking dirty, tobacco habit! My wallet is feeling healthier too!


By Ben Sharpe.Ben Sharpe is 34 years of age and a failure at giving up smoking. In his 19 years of being a smoker he has attempted to break the habit a few dozen times and always lasted a just few days before justifying his return to smoking. He is tens of thousands of pounds poorer and concerned about his health in the coming years. Where patches, gum, cheap e-cigs and multiple other options have failed, the Vapouriz range of Vapes and e-liquids have really worked for him. If he can do it, then anyone can!