E Liquid: UK Made vs. Unregulated - The Truth

E Liquid: UK Made vs. Unregulated - The Truth

Tuesday 18th February, 2014 | Vaping News | 4 Comments

UK E Liquid vs. Chinese/Unregulated E Liquid - The Truth

Here at Vapouriz, we're asked a lot about the difference between our Premium UK-produced e-liquids and cheaper alternatives. We take the utmost care and pride in producing our e juice to exacting standards and in line with UK legislation. 

Cheap E-liquid is cheap for a reason - All manner of shops are stocking the product but you cannot be sure about ingredients. 

Chinese e-juice is notorious for being manufactured with Pesticide-Grade Nicotine, and industrial Propylene Glycol. These contaminated ingredients pose an increasing and unnecessary risk to e-cigarette users throughout the world. 

So what should you do? How can you ensure that the e-liquid you're buying is high quality and not full of harmful chemicals?


What Are the Ingredients in Premium E-liquid? 

There Should Be Five Basic Ingredients:

  • Nicotine - Pharmaceutical grade at a level to suit you: from 2.4% for the heavy ex-smoker, down to 0% for the Vaper who enjoys the experience and flavour without the nicotine hit. We also stock 1.8%, 1.2% and 0.6% to suit the requirements of any user. This can be a great tool for giving up nicotine as you can slowly wean yourself off it. 
  • Propylene Glycol: Pharmaceutical grade. Propylene Glycol adds the distinctive ‘throat hit’ when combined with the nicotine and flavourings. As a guide, our pre-mixed e-liquids contain about 60% Propylene Glycol.
  • Vegetable Glycerine: Glycerine is the ingredient that produces the distinctive vapour (often referred to as ‘smoke’) as well as adding sweetness to the flavour. As a guide, our premixed e-liquids contain a mixture of approximately 40%  Vegetable Glycerine.
  • Distilled Water: Premium quality, de-ionised water is used. This helps produce the vapour (or 'smoke') when inhaling and mirrors smoking with the associated exhaling of water vapour. 
  • Flavourings: Produced in line with UK/EU guidelines, our flavourings provide the taste that you come to associate with your Vape. We range from traditional tobacco flavoured products which are great for giving up smoking cigarettes - to Menthol or Mint (for fresher breath) - and a wide range of fruit flavours. The flavours may be combined to come up with custom flavours such as Blueberry and Menthol for a tasty fruit hit with the added hit of freshness.


Good Quality E -Liquid Should Last Longer: 

Cheap e Juice is known to often burn at a greater rate along with other potential side effects. (View 'Tips For Avoiding Potentially Harmful E Liquid below)

As a rough guide (depending on your usage), a 10ml carton of premium e-liquid will last approximately 7 days. 

You'll find that cheaper alternatives will most likely last significantly less time. This highlights the false economy of purchasing a cheap alternative: If you pay half the price for a potentially harmful product that only lasts half as long, you may as well have bought from a reputable source in the first place.

Don't take the risk with your health for the sake of "saving a couple of quid"- It's simply not worth it. 

The Dangers of Chinese/Imported E – Liquid

We urge that you avoid cheap, poor quality e-liquid for the following reasons:

  • Unknown ingredients - They are not using pharmaceutical grade nicotine or additives
  • Potentially harmful to your health - A side effect of poor quality ingredients
  • May shorten the lifespan of you vaping equipment
  • May burn more rapidly and affect the wick and head of your vape leading to poor quality taste
  • Some rumours point to potential fire hazards! Possibly due to the ingredients used.

Tips For Avoiding Potentially Harmful E Liquid:

If you are unsure about the source or quality of the e-liquid you may purchase, then remember that you can carry out a few checks and draw your own conclusions. View the handy checklist below:

  • Price: You get what you pay for - if it's cheap, it's probably with good reason
  • Check ingredients: Some products do not even list the ingredients or have additional ingredients that are not in line with UK or EU regulation (See the Ingredients guide above.)
  • Buy from a reputable source - Vapouriz.co.uk
  • Look for 'UK made' - you're not just supporting a local business but you're more likely to find higher quality products.
  • Investigate false claims - Where was it made? Just because a product has an Italian flag on it, doesn't mean it necessarily came from Italy!  
  • Expect to pay £4- £5+ for 10ml
  • Don't be afraid to ask - If you're unsure, ask the vendor and test their product knowledge. They should know their own stock!
  • Avoid a seller that can't answer your questions about the product.
  • Quality of packaging - does it LOOK cheap? The contents will be the same.
  • Ask friends about where they recommend buying from.
  • Pick our brains at Vapouriz! We know our Vapes and we're willing to prove it. (See links in the following section)


What if I Already Have Questionable E-liquid?

A few pointers to bear in mind are listed below. Of course the above points are relevant… but what if you already own some potentially 'unsafe' e-liquid? How can you tell?

  • Taste: Is it too powerful or 'barely there'? (assuming you've already paid for it!)
  • Does it give you a sore throat? A chesty cough may develop from poor quality e juice.  Don’t confuse this with a cough caused by having the strength too high! They aren’t the same. If in doubt, consult your doctor.
  • Packaging: Does it look cheap?
  • Ingredients: Are they listed?
  • Are there any side effects such a nausea or sickness?
  • Are you getting through it very quickly?
  • Don't take risks… If you're unsure… throw the e-liquid away
  • Your health is more important that a couple of pounds Sterling!

Last Thoughts:

Vapouriz is soon to be the UK's biggest producer of premium e-liquid (more on that in future updates!)  We produce our products through exacting standards to UK and EU legislation and would never put our brand on a product that we considered less than perfect.  

All of our e-liquids are produced using pharmaceutical grade ingredients in a sterile and pollutant-free environment. Our customers are the best customers in the world and we aim to provide the quality and service that they deserve. This means getting our e-liquid recipes and production consistent and to the highest standards possible. 

Have you got a horror story? Have you fallen for the false economy of cheap e-liquid? Do you have a question for the Vapouriz team? If so, please get in touch and let us know via the following links:

Get in touch with us on Twitter @Vapouriz

Say hello on the Vapouriz Facebook Page


Experience the best with Vapouriz: No Whiffs, Or Butts.

Comments (4)

Really agree with this article. As a convert for 8 months to the vapouriz brand, I can highly recommend their product. I particularly like the fact it is produced literally up the road from me in Guildford. Many of my friends buy liquids from shops that sell the dodgy liquids and are all questioning there quality and safety. Whenever they try my liquid they always comment on its quality over theirs.
Keep up the good work Vapouriz.

Comment by Kev steer on 18th February 2014

This is a very astute article. So many people are blind to labelling and it needs to stop.

I'm sure there are loads of great companies out there who are afraid to question the quality of other liquids and its such a shame.

I have friends who are so stubborn to the reality of this situation and its scary.

I love how vapouriz has nothing to hide.

Comment by Mark L. on 19th February 2014

I used to be able to find good advice from your blog articles.|
Thanks for every other magnificent post. The place else could anyone get that type of info in such an ideal way of writing? I've a presentation subsequent week, and I'm at the look for such info.

Comment by cialis france on 24th December 2014

Would you mind if I used some of your advice on buying e-liquids in our local paper in Spain? I thought it would be educational for many new vapers in our local area.

Thanking you in advance


Response from Vapouriz:

Hi Margi,

Of course, no problem! Please get in touch with us via email or telephone and we'll try our best to assist.

Comment by Margi on 28th July 2015
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