Stoptober campaign supports e-cigs to help people quit

Stoptober campaign supports e-cigs to help people quit

Tuesday 5th September, 2017 | Vaping News

October is just around the corner, and with it comes Stoptober - the huge national campaign that encourages people to quit smoking.

Stoptober's new strategy

This year, Public Health England will feature vaping in its Stoptober TV adverts, marking the first time it has publicly supported e-cigarettes as the key to helping people to quit.

Last year, vaping was the most important piece of the puzzle when it came to helping people stay on track. It helped make the Stoptober campaign one of the most successful ever - over 1.5 million people took part. And 53% of them used e-cigarettes to help them quit.

Until now, health officials have been reluctant to advise smokers to make the switch to e-cigarettes. But new research showing how effective e-cigarettes can be to help people quit traditional tobacco cigarettes means people are finally starting to embrace vaping as an alternative.

Stoptober in the news

As the campaign gets ready to kick off for 2017 Stoptober is in the news, bringing with it plenty of coverage about the positive aspects of vaping and e-cigs.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence is about to publish new draft guidelines that says patients should be told some smokers have found vaping helpful when they want to quit. This is great news for smokers who want to participate in Stoptober, because e-cigs are a great alternative to traditional cigarettes.  

A new study from University College London also found record number of attempts to quit smoking are successful. In 2017, 20% of people who attempted to quit were successful, compared with the last decade where the average was 16%.

Professor John Newton, who is the director of health improvement for Public Health England, has also emphasised how important e-cigs are to the success of Stoptober this year, saying:

"E-cigarettes are now the most popular way to quit in the country, with half of all those taking part in Stoptober last year using an e-cigarette.

"The evidence is clear - vaping is much less harmful than smoking - a fraction of the risk.

"So if you've struggled with quitting before, an e-cigarette may be the best option for you."

Vaping for beginners

Getting started with vaping can be daunting for beginners.

Whether you're looking to try e-cigs because you want to transition away from cigarettes or just fancy giving it a go, there's plenty of resources on our blog.

You can also visit with our experts in-store; they can help answer all your questions and get you started with the perfect setup for you.   

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