Regulation for Electronic Cigarettes? The Debate Continues

Regulation for Electronic Cigarettes? The Debate Continues

Thursday 2nd May, 2013 | Vaping News

The debate whether there should be a regulation regarding the use of e-cigarettes is getting hotter than ever. Advocates of e-cigarettes say that it is a healthy option for those who are looking for a way to get out of smoking traditional cigarettes. But there are many who are asking for a regulation on the use of e-cigarettes, stating that there are many harmful effects of resorting to this smoking model.

The view against e-cigarettes

People who are asking for enactment of laws to restrict the use of e-cigarettes say that the second-hand vapour produced by thee cigarettes can turn out to be harmful. They also pointed out that the easy availability of e-cigarettes can lead to children getting addicted to the habit of using them. The FDA has also stated that they have analysed the contents of 5 leading brands of electronic cigarettes and have found that they have nicotine content in them. They also stated that the e-cigarettes contain the antifreeze diethylene glycol, a harmful ingredient.

View of e-cigarette advocates

Scientists in the field say that e-cigs have only trace amounts of nicotine in them. This is 400-1400 times less than the nicotine content that can be found in the traditional tobacco cigarettes. The experts in the field believe that the regulatory bodies are spinning the results of the analysis done on the e-cigarette brands for their own good.  It is also proved that people using e-cigarettes have a very low chance of developing conditions like lung cancer when compared with those who smoke the traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The earlier attempts

The FDA had earlier tried to regulate the use of e-cigarettes by terming it as drug delivery devices. They said that the products could not be sold in the markets until and unless they were shown to be safe and effective by standard clinical trials. But the regulation could not be put into effect as their claim was not valid. Now FDA has taken steps to bring about regulations in the use of e-cigarettes by classifying them as a tobacco product. This argument by the FDA can also seem strange as the e-cigarettes actually have no tobacco content in them.

Even as the argument regarding the imposition of an electronic cigarette regulation continues, the sales of e-cigarettes are booming and the product is finding new users with each passing day.

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