Electronic Nicotine Systems Could Help Smokers

Electronic Nicotine Systems Could Help Smokers

Thursday 2nd May, 2013 | Vaping News | 1 Comment

Electronic Nicotine Systems Could Help Smokers

Several prestigious anti-tobacco societies had previously initiated campaigns to ban e-cigarettes because they believed that these devices were ‘wrong’. However, an increasing number of people continue to purchase e-cigarettes, saying that these latest nicotine delivery systems actually help them quit smoking. A survey conducted by Michael Siegel, the Managing Director of the Boston School of Public Health, revealed that nicotine vaporizers are the ideal smoking cessation products.

Are E-cigs Safe?

Siegel stated that the evidence of his survey suggests that e-cigarettes are much safer than conventional tobacco cigarettes and that they are perfect for long-time smokers who have found it difficult to quit smoking in the past. The survey was emailed to respondents in 2011, and out of the 222 replies that came back, 216 said that they smoked regularly. After using e-cigarettes for the next six months, 31 per cent of the smokers revealed that they had quit smoking cigarettes. 66 per cent of these smokers said that they had reduced smoking considerably after being introduced to e-cigarettes. 

E-cigarettes are the New Smoking Cessation Tools

Although the numbers look impressive, Siegel remains sceptical about e-cigarettes and says that the survey just hints that e-cigarettes can be good for smokers. Michael Eriksen, the expert on tobacco policy, agreed with Siegel saying that electronic cigarettes are not established as smoking cessation products just yet. However, the marketing of these products as tools to quit smoking makes a strong point. According to Siegel, rigorous studies must be carried out and the results of these studies can help in determining whether or not e-cigarettes are for real. 

Electronic cigarettes look like traditional tobacco cigarettes, but are powered by battery and do not emit smoke like regular tobacco sticks. They are considered better than conventional nicotine delivery systems for a variety of factors, such as the reduced number of adverse health effects, the low pricing in comparison with real cigarettes, their ability to get around smoking bans, etc. Nicotine gums and patches had entered the market several years ago when people were in need of a solution for their smoking problems. However, users didn’t like these products and they soon began losing their popularity.

Ever since electronic cigarettes were introduced in 2004, a growing number of people have reported that they have reduced smoking, or quit the habit altogether thanks to e-cigs. The electronic nicotine delivery system helps you attain your dose of nicotine while significantly reducing health hazards.

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