ECigs set to pass the Consumption of Cigarettes

ECigs set to pass the Consumption of Cigarettes

Thursday 2nd May, 2013 | Vaping News

Many people prefer smoking electronic cigarettes to the traditional tobacco-filled cigarettes. The consumption of e-cigarettes is rising so much that industry experts say that the electronic cigarette market will very soon surpass that of the traditional cigarettes. As per the experts, the revenue obtained from the e-cigarette industry is expected to be the double that of the previous year. The new innovations in electronic cigarettes and the low level of damage done to consumers can be considered as a main reason for the rising demand of the e-cigarettes.

Innovative design

The appealing design and easy usage is a reason behind the rising popularity of e-cigarettes. The design of e-cigarettes is such that it delivers nicotine in the form of vapour. This vapour is then inhaled by the user. The e-cigarette comes with a battery operated heating element, which is rechargeable, and a cartridge containing chemicals. This cartridge can be refilled as and when required. The e-cigarettes also contain an atomizer which converts the contents of the cartridge in the form of vapour when it is heated.

Control smoking addiction

The rising popularity of e-cigarettes can also be attributed to the fact that it helps control smoking. Chain smokers can gradually become free from their nicotine addiction by smoking these new-age cigarettes. This nicotine-less cigarettes will give the same feel as that of smoking a traditional cigarette and at the same time they will help to control the habit of smoking. This is one reason which has led to the phenomenal rise in the sale of e-cigarettes. 

Celebrities promote e-cigarettes

Many celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert Pattinson have come out in public stating that they have given up smoking traditional cigarettes for the new-age electronic cigarettes. This move taken by celebrities has made a huge impact on the masses, which have in turn led to a huge increase in the sale of e-cigarettes.

No FDA regulations

Keeping up with the changing trend, many giants in the traditional cigarette industry are slowly making a move to manufacturing e-cigarettes. Unlike the traditional cigarettes, the e-cigarettes do not have any FDA regulations. The FDA had earlier lost a legal battle with the e-cigarette companies regarding a ban on the import of the commodity. The FDA had announced earlier that it has plans to regulate e-cigarettes just like tobacco products. But until now, it has not made any such move in that direction.

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