E-Cigs Helped 15 Million Smokers Quit or Cut Back

E-Cigs Helped 15 Million Smokers Quit or Cut Back

Thursday 30th June, 2016 | Vaping News

A new survey into the benefits of vaping claims a combined total of 15 million smokers in Europe were able to quit smoking after switching to e-cigarettes.

According to the survey published in the journal Addiction this week, more than 6 million Europeans have quit smoking tobacco entirely thanks to the help of e-cigarettes whilst another 9 million people across the continent have cut-back on smoking after taking up the use of e-cigarettes.

The figures are based on data gathered in Europe in 2014 and released by the European Commission last year and with the combined figure of those who have given up smoking or cut back totalling at just over 15 million, these results indicate that the global figure, currently unrecorded, would obviously be far greater.

Released in the wake of the implementation of the 2016 Tobacco Products Direct (TPD) regulations, these figures not only highlight the value of e-cigarettes as smoking cessation devices but also outline the need for further research on a global scale into the benefits of vaping as a method to stop smoking.

Although the TPD is an EU directive, its influence could be subject to change here as the UK begins its withdrawal from the European Union and the rules and laws on vaping in the UK could become vastly different to the rules and laws on vaping abroad.

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