Breaking the Tobacco Habit - Electric Cigarettes Will Help

Breaking the Tobacco Habit - Electric Cigarettes Will Help

Friday 28th March, 2014 | Vaping News | 2 Comments

For huge numbers of those looking to quit smoking for good, electric cigarettes are proving to be a popular smoking cessation aid. These devices - which vary hugely in terms of their style, the level of nicotine that they produce and the way in which they work - are fast becoming the most popular aid in the UK for those looking to quit the habit. 

Many people find that it's not just the nicotine hit that they are addicted to, but the act of smoking itself. Cigarettes are often associated with particular times of day or occasions: smoking with a coffee, after a meal, or with a drink to relax in the evening. With an e-cigarette, users can still experience the physical act of smoking and get their nicotine fix, but without the harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde and benzene that can be found in cigarettes.


Proven Results With Quitting Tobacco

Breaking the Tobacco Habit - Electric Cigarettes Will Help 

The results of an exploratory study published in Reuters Health (Find it here!) suggest that smokers who use e-cigarettes see a marked reduction in the number of cigarettes that they smoke. Over a fifth of those involved in the study (22%) used e-cigarettes to quit tobacco after just a month, while almost half (46%) had kicked the habit after a year. Although only a small scale, exploratory study, these results tally with what we hear from our customers here at Vapouriz, who tell us that our range of e-cigarettes has finally helped them to lose their cigarette habit.


Making the Switch Easier


In addition to featuring about 2,000 less harmful chemicals than real cigarettes, e-cigarettes are also a good way to continue with the addictive act of smoking without the associated smell that clings to clothing and skin. E-cigarette users also find that vaping instead of smoking cigarettes can save them a lot of money, whether they choose disposable e-cigarettes or those that require e-liquid refills. 


We Have the Right E Cigarettes For You!

Breaking the Tobacco Habit - Electric Cigarettes Will Help

Here at Vapouriz, we sell a wide range of vapourizers and e-cigarettes for all types of smoker, no matter how serious the addiction. Our e-liquids are available in a range of different strengths to suit all needs, and different flavours too, to enhance the vaping process. Whether you are new to vaping, or a more experienced e-cigarette user, our wide range of starter kits, tanks, e-liquids, accessories and more will provide you with an easy, affordable and flexible way of breaking the tobacco habit without breaking the bank.

Comments (2)

i can't speak for everyone when I say this, but after years of trying to quit dirty tobacco, the vapouriz tank was the solution.

i use classic tobacco 1.8% and i've never felt better.

my advise, just give it a go and see for yourself.

Comment by colin on 31st March 2014

Bought a Tank on Saturday as an aid to finally giving up after trying everything else (patches, gum even e-cigs). Within 4 days I have gone from 15 cigarettes a day to only with a day clear of them all together in sight before the end of the week. Very impressed and highly recommended. I'm only using the Vape Tank for one drag when the craving gets bad (18mg) and it is more than enough to completely quash the urge to light up.

Can see a life without tobacco very soon.

Comment by James on 23rd April 2014