The difference between single coil and dual coil

The difference between single coil and dual coil

Tuesday 22nd August, 2017 | Vaping Guides

You may well have wondered what the difference is between single and dual coil setups. We take a look at each, so you can see which coil suits your style of vaping.

What are vape coils, anyway?

The vape coil in your e-cigarette is vital. Coils essentially heat up the e-liquid in your e-cigarette and turn it into vapour. Without them, you’d just have a tank of e-liquid.

Often when people talk about coils in terms of single and dual coils, they are talking about a unit also known as an atomiser head. This is made up of a wire wrapped around wicking material, fitted into casing. Sometimes the wire itself is known as the coil, and you may see people talking about wick and coil configurations, but when you buy coils from vape shops you’ll normally be buying the whole unit.

When you drench your vape coil with e-liquid, it soaks into the wick. Once the battery is powered up, heat is sent up the coil, causing the e-liquid in the wick to turn to vapour.

Single coil setups use one unit with the wick and wire, while dual vape coils have two wicks and two wires. Lots of vape kits come with a single coil, but there are good reasons to get a dual coil kit.

Why go single coil?

If you are a beginner or everyday vaper, then you’ll probably find that single coil e-cigarettes will suit you perfectly.

Single coil setups use less battery power than dual coils do, so your battery life will last longer between charges. This is because the power level they run at is lower.

E-liquids will last longer with single coil setups, because only one wick needs to be soaked in the e-liquid at a time. This also means the battery lasts longer – there’s less drenched wick that needs heated up. The less e-liquid you need to use, the more you’ll get for your money.

When it comes to e-cigarette maintenance and cleaning, single coil setups have the edge as they are easier and less time consuming to put back together. This is what makes them especially suited to new or casual vapers.

Similarly, advanced vapers who like to build their own wick and coil units for mods might actually be better with a single coil setup, because they are far easier to build, especially until you have the hang of things.

The downside to single coils is that you might get less dense vapour clouds than if you have a dual coil setup, so they won’t be as effective for cloud chasing.

It can also take longer for a single coil to heat up, but this is negligible.

Why go dual coil?

If you’re into sub-ohm vaping, cloud chasing or big vapour, then a dual coil setup is for you.

The double coils work together when power goes through the e-cigarette, heating up double the drenched wicking material and releasing vapour together. This means there’s usually a lot more vapour available to inhale, and to exhale.

You should also get more of a throat hit on a dual coil, and you might find you get more flavour, too.

It’s faster to produce vapour on a dual coil setup than a single, because of the coils working together. You may also find that the vapour you produce is a bit richer and warmer because of the extra heat production.

The downside of a dual coil is that you’ll need to have more e-liquid on hand to drench the wicks, and you’ll need to leave your wicks to prime for a decent amount of time. The tank will need to be filled more regularly for a dual coil setup, so it will end up costing more on e-liquid.

Batteries will drain faster on a dual coil configuration, and so you’ll need to charge them more.

You’ll also need to bear in mind that dual coils mean double the cost when it comes to replacing your coils every couple of weeks, or as needed.

It is harder to rebuild a dual coil setup after cleaning or maintenance than for a single coil, and if you’re building your own coil heads then it’s twice the work.

Really it comes down to personal preference, and your experience vaping. Cloud chasers who haven’t yet tried dual coil vaping may find it suits them perfectly, while most everyday vapers will be happy with a single coil.


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