Switchtober Is Almost Here!

Switchtober Is Almost Here!

Friday 30th September, 2016 | Vaping Guides

If you’re planning to take part in Switchtober, make sure you’re prepared for the big switch with these tips!

As September draws to an end, it’s time to take a last-minute look at whether you’re fully prepared for switching to vaping in a bid to the kick the habit this October!

To ensure you’re prepared for a successfully smoke-free month, here’s a guide to helping you get in the right mind set.

Ensure you have plenty of supplies

You’re most likely to revert back to smoking if you don’t have enough vaping supplies or completely forget your vape kit! It’s worth purchasing a few bottles of e liquid so that you can ensure you’re always topped up and won’t find yourself reaching for the cigarettes when the cravings start. It’s also worth keeping an additional charger and battery, or even a secondary e-cigarette at your workplace or in your vehicle just in case you leave your vaping device at home. For the month of October only, we’re offering the FUSE Switch Kit which is perfect for beginners and includes three liquids plus an additional spare battery!

Get clued up on where you’re allowed to vape

The rules can be, ahem, cloudy when it comes to vaping in different places. Although the UK Government supports vaping in the workplace, it’s still up to your employer whether you’re allowed to vape indoors or not and the same goes for shops, drinking and dining establishments and other places where you may choose to spend your spare time. If you don’t know whether you’re allowed to vape in a specific location, just ask!

Don’t start with the cheapest products you can find

If you intend on using the cheapest products on the market, you could be setting yourself up for failure as these could quickly prove to be unreliable. If you find yourself with a device that refuses to work, you’re highly likely to light up a cigarette instead. Our award winning FUSE Kit is the perfect e-cig for beginners and those who need a reliable device for long term use.

Experiment with different flavoured e-liquids

If you’re struggling to enjoy the flavour of your first e-liquid, keep trying others. Most vape shops will allow you to test flavours before you buy them and it could just be the case that the brand of e-liquid you’re using isn’t up to scratch, therefore trying a similar flavour by another brand might be the solution for you. Alternatively, why not try a completely different flavour? Ex-smokers are likely to begin with tobacco flavoured liquids but there’s an immense range of flavours out there to try, so keep experimenting and you’ll find your favourite all day vape in no time at all!

Be prepared to feel a difference in the way your e-cig works

One final point to consider is that although vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking, as outlined by Public Health England who stated that e-cigarettes are ‘around 95% less harmful than tobacco’, your vaping experience won’t feel exactly the same as smoking a traditional cigarette. It’s important to remember this when you first start using your e-cigarette so that you’re prepared to take a few days getting used to using your new device and the way that it feels in your mouth and lungs as well as the way that it feels to hold compared to a cigarette.

Stay positive!

As well as a reliable kit and a supply of tasty e-liquids, willpower and positivity are also essential factors in switching from cigarettes to e-cigarettes. Check out our previous Switchtober post for positive vaping stories and help in choosing the right kit!

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