E-Cigarettes: Start a Healthier New Habit for the New Year!

E-Cigarettes: Start a Healthier New Habit for the New Year!

Monday 16th December, 2013 | Vaping Guides

Quitting is For Winners!

Counting down to the New Year, many people come up with resolutions that will hopefully make them happier and healthier during the coming 12 months. Most people resolve to lose weight, get fit and kick old and bad habits.

The problem is, most resolutions are made in a fit of resolve but fizzle out in a week or two. Then it’s back to the old and destructive ways.


Help A Loved One Break The Habit

If someone you know and love is desperately attempting to give up smoking for the new year, and this time they really mean it, why not give them an enormous helping hand? Give them a Christmas gift of e-cigarettes.

This way they won’t have to wait until the new year to quit smoking deadly cigarettes because they can take up the e-cigarette habit straight away. It will be the best gift ever, and they won’t just thank you for helping to improve their health, but also their wallet. E-cigarettes cost a fraction of what tobacco cigarettes do.


So what are e-cigarettes, and why are so many people abandoning traditional cigarettes in favour of them?

Simply put, e-cigarettes are devices that are powered by a lithium-ion battery that heats a chamber known as an atomizer containing pharmaceutical-grade nicotine and various flavours of 'juice' which delivers a hit to the smoker.

E-cigarettes imitate the act of smoking by emitting something that looks like smoke but that is, in fact, harmless water vapour. This means e-cigarettes can be smoked anywhere, without polluting the air and causing health problems to those around you -- or stinking up your clothes, car and house.

It gives smokers all the pleasures of smoking while not harming themselves or others. There is none of the toxic smoke that is produced during the burning of tobacco, as with traditional cigarettes, which is the reason they have been banned in public spaces everywhere.


Vapouriz: Setting the Trend

The electronic cigarette trend has risen dramatically, with millions now smoking them around the world, and an estimated 1 million people in the UK forsaking tobacco cigarettes in 2013 for the electronic version.

As government taxes increase on traditional cigarette products in an attempt to force people not to smoke them, making them prohibitively expensive, e-cigarettes are a cheap alternative that cost just a fraction of tobacco cigarettes while delivering the same result that is better for the smoker and the environment.

Vapouriz®, located just south of London, has everything you need to get going with e-cigarettes and has become one of the top retailers in Europe.

With our e-cigarettes, you don’t have to stick to the traditional tobacco flavour because we have more than 65 to choose from, all of which are produced in the UK & quality controlled and tested. No Whiffs or Butts!

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