E-Cigarettes: A Guide To How They Work

E-Cigarettes: A Guide To How They Work

Friday 11th April, 2014 | Vaping Guides


A Viable & Healthier Alternative to Tobacco

At last, a realistic alternative to smoking cigarettes. Alternatives to smoking are fast becoming more widespread as their popularity grows. The e-cigarette is one such alternative. It’s great that consumer demand for a healthier alternative to regular smoking has forced the creation of something that people can turn to as a way of enjoying smoking without the harmful side-effects of the regular version.

The advertising and other promotional material for e-cigs claim that it is the best way to give up regular cigarettes as the ‘e’ version provides the same satisfaction without the tobacco, which is both toxic and harmful. However, for some, the science behind it can be difficult to understand. The first thing that needs to be understood is that the e-cigarette casing is used multiple times, acting as a holder for the other components, some of which can be changed each time the battery-powered device is used.
E-Cigarettes: A Guide To How They Work
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The Components of an Electronic Cigarette

So what are these other ‘components’ exactly? Well, to begin with, approximately half the length of the casing contains a rechargeable battery that provides power. The other half comprises of a cartridge which holds the e liquid.
E-Cigarettes: A Guide To How They Work

When this cartridge is placed into the holder, material soaked in liquid connects with the bridge of the e-cig. From here, the liquid migrates into a mesh section of casing where it remains until a user makes contact. At the moment when a user draws, or inhales on, the e-cig, doing this draws the liquid from the mesh part of the casing into a separate section. From here, the liquid is absorbed by a wick within the same section. Running parallel to this is a coil, which heats up around the wick containing the liquid, until it becomes a vapour. This vapour is then drawn through the length of the e-cig and out of the mouthpiece.

Without the user sucking on the device, the liquid cannot be absorbed by the wick in order to produce the all-important vapour.

There’s no doubt that without the availability of e-cigarettes, the toll of people suffering from smoking-related illnesses and diseases would continue to rise. For regular smokers, many have stated that if there was an alternative that provided the same level of satisfaction, then there would be no need to continue to smoke regular cigarettes, that moment has arrived.

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