Drip Tips 101

Drip Tips 101

Monday 18th December, 2017 | Vaping Guides

Getting to grips with all the different bits of kit on your vape mod is one of the biggest challenges for beginners looking to upgrade and take more control of their setup.

Whether you're in the early stages of researching your next upgrade or just like to keep up on the ins and outs of what's out there, we're here to help.

Today we're taking a closer look at drip tips - what they are, how they work and what to look for when you're buying.

What is a drip tip?

Simply put, a drip tip is a hollow mouthpiece - it's the piece of equipment that sits at the top of the chimney of your box mod.

In the early days of vaping you'd typically use a cartomizer or cartridge, which needed to be refilled or replaced.

Over time as hardware has evolved, drip tips gradually began replacing cartomizers and cartridges. They attach directly to an atomizer, making it easier to change flavours and also improve the look and performance of your box mod.

How they work

A drip tip is especially popular with vapers who refill their e-liquids by dripping.

Because the drip tip is directly over the atomizer, you can drip liquid and saturate the wick underneath easily. Today, they offer a range of other features too. You can adjust airflow or choose drip tips with openings at the side, allowing for additional air to enter and cool down vapour without having to pass through the atomizer.

It's a simple way to adjust your settings without having to adjust your setup each time you change e-liquids. If your juice of choice produces vapour that's too wet or dense for your personal taste, adjusting the airflow using your drip tip is a quick and simple way to solve the problem.

What to look for

One of the most important considerations when choosing a drip tip is the material it's made from. The material will play a part in the drip tip's performance overall and choosing the right one based on how you like to vape will make sure you get the most out of your hardware.

Metal is among the most popular materials, but always look for stainless steel - as other metals might oxidise. Glass also works well because it's heat-resistant and will stay cool.

Plastic drip tips also offer good performance and have the advantage of being able to incorporate design elements too. Look for delrin plastic if you're going down this route.

Your other major consideration is style and shape. A taller drip tip will condense and concentrate the vapour, giving stronger, richer flavour. If spitback is a concern for you, a taller drip tip will also help you avoid the occasional stray droplets.

A shorter drip tip makes it easier to taste vapour when it's freshest - there's less distance between the coil and your mouth which means you can capture all the different tasting notes as they were intended.

A narrow opening is ideal for a mouth-to-lung setup or if you want to restrict the flow of vapour.

A wide mouth on the other hand is ideal for sub-ohm tanks and for vapers who want as much cloud as possible.

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