Best E-Liquid Refills - A User Guide

Best E-Liquid Refills - A User Guide

Wednesday 27th November, 2013 | Vaping Guides

Start a healthier habit with UK-made E-Liquid

Suddenly it's cool to smoke again. Sophisticated even. Not the polluting cigarettes of yesterday but the modern-day electronic version, and some of ours are made at home. 
Millions of people are turning to e-cigarettes as a healthier lifestyle choice. The device delivers the hit of paper cigarettes – if you want it – but without the toxic results of burning tobacco; all that's emitted is harmless water vapour. You can smoke them anywhere, but what to smoke is another question. 


UK Produced E-Cig Juice is the Best

At our E-Liquid online store, you will find an incredible range of flavours to suit your smoking taste, and some are made in the UK, where they are expertly blended using the finest of ingredients. Strict quality control ensures that these flavours and variants are among the best on the market, and it's always best to buy British. 
You can choose fruity flavours like Apple, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry or Cherry, among many more, or opt for Classic Tobacco or Cigar flavours. There's exotic Coconut, refreshing Mint and even a delicious Fruit Punch. You might like calming Green Tea, zingy Grapefruit or warm Hazelnut. Or how about Mojito, Champagne or Whisky? Whatever your taste, we have something for you. 
You can also mix flavours to create your own unique blend, and choose what strengths of nicotine you want – zero, low, medium or high – all in the knowledge that you’re supporting UK-based jobs.


Quit Tobacco and Save Money.

Compared to traditional smoking, these UK-produced e-liquids, (often known as 'juices' or 'liquids') are extraordinarily cheap. A 30 ml bottle that costs £9.99 will last a heavy smoker up to three weeks – think of all the thousands of pounds you’ll save over a year: enough to go on a holiday abroad! 
We have hundreds of exciting flavours and variants, and because we know new customers often have difficulty deciding what to buy so we offer Sampler Packs that contain five 24 mg bottles of premium-quality liquid. There are two fruit sampler packs, one mint sampler and one tobacco sampler pack, allowing you to get a taste of each flavour and then decide what you like.


Ordering Online is Easy!


Ordering on our website couldn't be easier, and we offer free delivery on all orders over £40. You’ll also see E Liquid recipes to give you ideas about mixing and matching flavours. Smoking no longer has to be limited to just tobacco or mint or menthol; now, it’s all about variation and inspiration. We even have a rewards scheme for our regular customers. So try us today and we'll welcome you back with a discount!
With the New Year rapidly approaching, it’s time to kick bad habits and start new, healthier ones. Our locally made E-Liquids will ensure a scrumptious smoke, and they don't cost a packet.

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