Aiming to Quit Tobacco? How to Choose the Best Vapouriz Starter Kit For You.

Aiming to Quit Tobacco? How to Choose the Best Vapouriz Starter Kit For You.

Wednesday 20th November, 2013 | Vaping Guides

You’ll already know that you’re are going to be healthier – both in body and pocket. With the latter, it certainly adds up quickly. You were probably paying around £7 for a pack of cigarettes. So, if you used to smoke just that twenty a day, after using a Vapouriz Tank for a month, you’re already likely to be almost £200 better off, every single month! That’s a terrific holiday to treat yourself to – or, before too long, a new car. All for not doing something.

Before we get too carried away, let’s be honest, it’s not going to be easy. However, using Vapouriz Starter Kits, you’ve found a powerful way to mimic one of the most regular actions you’ll have taken throughout your smoking lifetime. Plus it’s a much safer way to have nicotine delivered to your system.

Solo - terrific as a tryout

Vapouriz have five superb products which are all suitable for a brand new user. You might want to start with the Solo Disposable option to allow you to start creating your new and healthier habit. It has an automatic operation (as do all other options except the Tank) and a fixed nicotine strength of 1.8%. One Solo lasts as long as about forty cigarettes – so even with this option you’ve just cut your monthly costs in half!

Long-term choices

You might move on from Solo to one of our other kits – or choose to go straight to them from the start. All the others operate with rechargeable batteries and offer various strengths of nicotine – and, especially with the Tank, a huge range of alternative flavours - blueberry or red cola anyone? With it, using just one 30ml bottle of the e-liquid is the equivalent of 14-21 days at a pack a day. Truly spectacular savings!

In between the Solo and the Tank you’ll find our Gemini series of three terrific other starter options. 

How to choose your starter kit

It’s actually a very simple process. Click on this link to our Starter Kits page. Take a few seconds to complete our brief quiz about your preferences. After answering just three or four questions, your personal recommendation will quickly appear. When you scroll down the page, you’ll then find all the information you could ever want about the product.

Final point

Unlike some of the current choices on the market, we don’t try to suggest ours are “pretend cigarettes”. Vapouriz products are scientifically-created and designed purely to best help you quit smoking.

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