Yet More Delays for the EU Tobacco Directive

Thursday 20th December, 2012 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

The EU (European Union) Tobacco Directive is a list of rules and regulations that specifies the terms of production, sales and presentation of items which contain tobacco in it. This rule, which was about to place serious restrictions on the commercial promotion of cigarettes and smokeless nicotine based products, is close to getting stalled.

Proposal of the EU Directive

The EU Directive was proposed keeping in mind the harmful effects that nicotine based products can have on the health of the smokers. The directive aimed to categorize products containing nicotine as substances that are harmful to human health. The proposal for the directive was based on a commentary which appeared in “The Lancelot”, which is a medical journal. But, the EU has shown a great delay in implementing this directive.

John Dalli’s resignation

The resignation of John Dalli, who was the EU Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, is stated as one of the main reasons behind the delay in implementing the directive. Dalli’s resignation came after he faced allegations of financial impropriety involving certain companies. Even though the directive has been cleared both legally and administratively, Dalli’s resignation has put its implementation on hold for the moment.

This delay in taking forward the directive to the next step has raised many doubts in the minds of the common man. Officials from public healthcare bodies across the European Union have called this delay in implementing the directive as unnecessary and have asked the EU to release the directive without any further delay.

The Smoke Free Partnership controversy

About 48 hours after John Dalli resigned, there was a break-in at the Brussels offices of certain anti-tobacco campaigners. The Smoke Free Partnership is one such organization which was burglarized in the event. The items stolen from the officeof Smoke Free Partnershipincluded highly confidential documents and laptops. Earlier, this organization had exposed to the public how industrialists were trying to influence the rules made by the state.

Events shaking public confidence

The recent happenings related to the implementation the directive have shaken public confidence on the EU’s administrative methods. Paul Belcher, a Senior Advisor at the EU government affairs office said that the recent events have made the public even more suspicious of the delay behind implementing the EU directive. He also added that if the EU fails to take any immediate measures, then the organization may lose its prestigious reputation.

Author: Brett Vapouriz

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