Poor Analysis Leads to Misleading E Cig Article

Friday 19th April, 2013 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

Over the years, health experts have proved that smoking cigarettes regularly has a derogatory impact on the physical well-being of an individual. When electronic cigarettes were introduced in the market, experts were quick to extend their views about regular tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes as well. There is a lot of research that substantiates the fact that tobacco cigarettes have strong side effects on the health of smokers. However, the fact that experts have extended this analysis to electronic cigarettes, without any significant research, is questionable.

Common myths about electronic cigarettes

Even though electronic cigarette manufacturers have proved that these cigarettes are healthier than tobacco cigarettes, health experts have published articles stating that they are equally dangerous. The FDA or the Food and Drug Administration in the US published an article stating that electronic cigarette manufacturers vary the nicotine content in the cigarettes. They also stated that the nicotine content in these cigarettes is higher than the printed figures on the packaging. In addition to this, the FDA stated that electronic cigarettes which are publicized as being nicotine free have traces of nicotine as well. Using this e-cigs analysis, the FDA demanded the US government to ban electronic cigarettes in the US. However, the electronic cigarette industry countered their argument with substantial research.

In addition to this, a lot of experts have stated that electronic cigarettes are a gateway to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Even though there is no substantial research to prove this point, articles published supporting this argument have degraded the image of electronic cigarettes.

Research to prove that electronic cigarettes are a safe option

The FDA reports misled the people on the effects of smoking electronic cigarettes, so the electronic cigarette industry defended themselves using research data. According to an independent research conducted by Dr. Laugesen, a member of the Virginia Commonwealth University, the vapour obtained from smoking electronic cigarettes has lesser nicotine content as compared to tobacco cigarettes. This proved that electronic cigarettes have a lesser amount of nicotine. Another independent research conducted by Dr. Thomas Eissenberg supported the analysis made by Dr. Laugesen as well.

The electronic cigarettes industry has also used surveys to prove that electronic cigarettes don't influence people to start smoking tobacco cigarettes. According to various surveys conducted on electronic cigarette smokers, the flavours in e-cigs make tobacco cigarettes unappealing to the smokers.

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