E-Smoking Hailed Welcome to the Electronic Cigarette

Friday 19th April, 2013 | Vaping Facts, Myths and Answers

The use of regular tobacco cigarettes is continually reducing in the UK thanks to their electronic counterparts. E-cigarettes are now popular, and people across the country have begun using them in their efforts to quit smoking permanently. These battery-powered devices look like real cigarettes and deliver an effect similar to that of cigarette smoking. Mr Thomas Kiklas, the director of an e-cigarette company said that these modified versions of real cigarettes could be customized as per the needs of a smoker, thereby giving people an opportunity to smoke lesser and lesser, with each passing day.

When asked if there were any dangers connected with the use of e-cigarettes, Mr Kiklas was quick to point out that, anything can be dangerous if consumed in high quantities. He gave the simplest example of water, saying that too much of water can also kill a person, as one can drown in it, or drink too much of it.

Several health organizations have released their reports on e-smoking, to explain exactly what these cigarettes are about. One thing common about all of these reports is that, they all agree that e-cigarettes are much better for the health of smokers, than regular cigarettes. Further research is to be conducted in the future, but experts say that e-cigarettes, whether or not they can help reduce smoking, can surely reduce the risks of heart and lung diseases.

Users Report Positive Changes After Switching to E-Cigarettes

Most e-cigarette users say that cigarettes are too strong and overbearing. The switch to e-cigarettes makes them feel lighter, while delivering a similar effect to smoking cigarettes. These devices were introduced to the market in 2004, but they are now beginning to gain popularity, due to the number of positive reviews reported by users. One of the most rewarding effects of e-cigarettes as experienced by users is that they no longer get those disapproving stares from bystanders.

E-cigarettes do not emit any smell, smoke or tar, and can be smoked almost everywhere. Although they are banned at certain places, they are permitted in many other areas where regular cigarettes are prohibited. The health hazards connected with e-cigarettes are also significantly fewer, in comparison to regular cigarettes, making e-smoking a commonly accepted habit. So, if you have attempted to quit smoking in the past and have met failure each time, you may want to consider the electronic cigarette to kick the butt, for good.      

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