E-Liquid Variety Deal - feeling adventurous?

E-Liquid Variety Deal - feeling adventurous?

Wednesday 12th August, 2015 | Special Offers

Can’t decide which delicious flavour to try next? Our e-liquid variety deal is for you!

Here at Vapouriz, the team have handpicked 10 of their favourite 1.8% e-liquid flavours and bundled them up in a special deal – saving you £19.91!

E-Liquid Variety Deal - feeling adventurous?

With such a wide range of e-liquid flavours there is something for everybody. The pack includes our distinctive Menthol Special Blend, mouth-watering Watermelon, a creamy Vanilla Velvet and even Gin and Tonic. And of course, we have also included our bestselling Classic Tobacco e-liquid!

Also, if you are thinking of becoming an ‘e-liquid mixologist’ or fancy a go at being a ‘flavour scientist’ this really is the best way to start. Love Classic Tobacco e-liquid but fancy something a bit sweeter, why not add a little bit of Vanilla Velvet for your afternoon vape.

Remember that cool slushy drink you would get as a kid, but want your vape to have a bit of a kick? You could try adding a dash of Fruits of the Forest.

Our lovely customers also use Menthol Special Blend and Classic Tobacco together! The possibilities are endless!

If you have any awesome flavour mixes you’d like to share with the rest of the vaping community, just leave your mixes in the comments below!  

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