10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

Monday 15th September, 2014 | Important Vaping Information


The dangers of traditional cigarettes have been well-known for many years, so it is hardly surprising that E-cigs are gaining in popularity as a genuine alternative. Sadly this doesn’t mean that public perception of electronic cigarettes is always positive as a great deal of misinformation and misunderstandings persist, particularly about whether vaping is any healthier than smoking a traditional cigarette. The key point to remember is that, even though they look rather like their tobacco counterparts, E-cigs are completely tobacco-free. So if you’re considering joining the electronic cigarette trend, you might find these 10 facts both informative:


1. Vaping is More Economical

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

Regular smokers of tobacco products will be able to testify to the alarmingly high costs involved in purchasing cigarettes (even a 10-a-day smoker can expect to shell out nearly £1500 per year). The great news about E-cigs is that they are cheaper once the initial investment has been made. If you’re thinking of taking up vaping, you’ll need the E-cig device, a battery and a handful of cartridges initially but your only cost going forward will be the replacement cartridges which are considerably more affordable than traditional cigarettes. You can also buy e-liquid in bulk at a more competitive price and refill the cartridges yourself.


2. E-cigs Are Not That New!


Believe it or not, the first electronic cigarette first appeared back in 1963, although it wasn’t until the Chinese got their hands on the idea that large scale production actually started to happen (with the product introduced to the US in 2007). Herbert A. Gilbert’s ‘smokeless non-tobacco cigarette’ not only sounds like the same product (although he needed a catchier name, granted); it also worked in much the same way as the modern version. If only he’d heard of ‘Dragon’s Den’…


3. Few People Can Will ‘No’


Attempt to light up a tobacco cigarette in a restaurant or aboard a train and the chances are you’ll be swiftly ordered to put it out. Laws in many countries have been tightened up in recent years to severely restrict smoking in public but these regulations don’t always extend to E-cigs. While there are some exceptions, of course, on the whole you can vape at will where you like, including restaurants, cinemas, shopping centres and even on some airplanes. The e-cig policy has tightened since the early days though so it is best to ask permission before vaping! 


4. Never Mind the Matches


By the nature of their name you’ve probably guessed that electronic cigarettes are battery powered so you never need to ask some strange bloke for a light again. When you inhale on an E-cig, the battery powers up the unit to heat the cartridge of liquid inside, vaporising it so that you can breathe it in. There’s no tobacco content, so no smoke, no noxious gases and no lingering smell for others to object to. If you want a fancy illuminated tip to mimic a traditional cigarette for old time’s sake, some products incorporate this!


5. You’ve Got the Power

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

E-cigs are powered by batteries which, for those who have trouble remembering to recharge their mobile phone, could pose a problem! Realistically, though, rechargeable batteries offer fantastic convenience and are perfect for keeping your electronic cigarettes energised. Many products are compatible with in-car and USB chargers so, in the event that your battery runs low, you can simply plug it into the nearest laptop or the DC socket in your car or truck.


6. Safer For You, Safer For Others


As we all know, passive smoking – the inhalation of tobacco smoke from someone else’s cigarette – is a major health concern with estimates in the US putting deaths of non-smokers at approximately 2.5 million to date. How refreshing then to know that E-cigs pose significantly less risk to your nearest and dearest, not to mention any stranger who just happens to be sitting close to you. With nicotine emissions less than 10% of traditional cigarettes and no newsworthy toxins such as carbon monoxide, it’s not just you who is benefitting from your decision to switch to electronic cigarettes.


7. E-cigs Do Not "Explode"


A much-publicised rumpus in the US recently following a small fire aboard a passenger plane in Chicago, allegedly caused by an electronic cigarette, has led to some claims that the devices should be banned in flight. But even the lithium battery that powers an E-cig is regarded to be absolutely safe, as is the liquid which is contained in the cartridge, so an exploding E-cig is simply not likely to happen. We do however urge that e-cig users always use the correct battery. We heard of instances when some people have tried charging their electronic cigarettes with and iPhone charger! 


8. You've Gotta Be 18…

10 Facts About E-Cigarettes

Very simply, you need to be 18 to purchase electronic cigarettes due to the tiny amounts of nicotine they contain.


9. …but this doesn’t make them dangerous!


When discussing the nicotine in E-cigs, the key word is ‘tiny’. Compared to regular cigarettes, an E-cig user will absorb considerably less nicotine and so any suggestions that electronic cigarettes are addictive is untrue. The only likely reason for ‘addiction’ is the ease of use, convenience and pleasant taste!


10. An End to Tobacco Smoking?


Finally, the medical journal ‘The Lancet’ has published research suggesting E-cigs are statistically comparable to nicotine patches in helping smokers to kick the habit over a 6 month period.

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