Paul's Daily Vapes: Vapouriz Gin & Tonic E liquid Review

Paul's Daily Vapes: Vapouriz Gin & Tonic E liquid Review

Friday 12th June, 2015 | Daily Vape Reviews | 1 Comment

Nothing makes me feel more British than tea and biscuits when it’s raining and Gin and Tonic when it’s sunny!

Love it or hate it you can’t argue that gin has character, depth and personality. Gins vary wildly but most have one common factor that distinctly dry yet juicy juniper berry flavour.

Paul's Daily Vapes: Vapouriz Gin & Tonic E liquid Review

So, as its World Gin day this Saturday 13th June I thought I’d crack open a bottle of our Gin & Tonic e-liquid to see how it vapes!

Gin and tonic has always been the flavour people read on our flavour station menu, guffaw and then let out a suitably delighted “ohhh” when they try it.

Most e-liquids are sweet; either dessert flavours such as custard or juicy fruit flavours- all of them delightful but all relentlessly sweet on the palette. Gin and tonic is not! Not at all, in the slightest, and serves as a refreshing change.

First things first - pick a nice tank to distill the liquid into. I plumped for the Aspire Nautilus Tank (£24.99) as I find that flavours never get muddled in its solid glass and metal reservoir. It also contains a large heating coil that I find really brings out the best in a juice.

Paul's Daily Vapes: Vapouriz Gin & Tonic E liquid Review

I eagerly opened the e-liquid and was amazed even just from smelling it how accurate it was to the real drink. 
So much so, I’ve filled another liquid bottle with “actual” gin and tonic and I’m challenging anyone who comes into the shop to tell them apart simply by smell. No one has got it right so far…

I start vaping at 3volts just to warm the tank up and get hit with a smooth yet distinct dry juniper taste. Now I am going to pour myself a ‘metaphorical double shot’ by turning my battery up.

I hit 4.5volts and start to get the subtle citrus notes that round off the flavour nicely with a spicy pepper-like throat hit. 
The throat hit is strong, but then, so it should be with a flavour that perfectly replicates this famous well-loved drink. The presently ‘strange’ bit about this vape is an illusion of a fizzy mouth feel – characterised by the “tonic” - this flavour is fun!

I spent the day with the Gin & tonic flavour and noted that every time I vaped I never forgot which flavour I was using- a problem that a lot of vapers tend to get. I also had plenty of people asking what the flavour was when they smelt the vaper in the shop.

Admittedly, I may have got a tad carried away in the excitement of this vape when I added a slice of cucumber to my tank (much to the annoyance of the staff member who planned on ham & cucumber sandwiches for lunch). But then this was an experiment and science must prevail! The cucumber made the tank look cool (excuse the pun) but didn't do anything else other than turn the e-liquid green and ruin this carefully crafted e-liquid (whoops!)* 

Paul's Daily Vapes: Vapouriz Gin & Tonic E liquid Review

With the cucumber removed I filled up the tank again and will keep doing so every time I want something more refined and different from the run of the mill flavours. Bring on the sunshine!

Vaping Aficionado

Try Gin & Tonic E-Liquid now!

*Note - Dane did not vape with the cucumber in the tank and we do not recommend you put any substance within a tank other than approved e-liquid.

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I used to be a G&T drinker on a regular basis. If I fancy a drink now I have a glass of ice cold soda water and 5 mins with my e-cig its like drinking the real thing. You have got the flavour spot on.

Comment by Brian on 4th August 2015