Carol's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Carol's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Monday 2nd June, 2014 | Vapouriz Customer Testimonials | 2 Comments

I first found out about Vapouriz about 2 and a half years ago, through a friend. We had been at the pub one December evening, and he offered me a disposable e-cig from Vapouriz. I found it had the same effect as a cigarette, and was a really pleasant replacement - especially at that time of the year, when no-one wants to go outside to smoke!

Since then, I continued using the disposable e-cig, and ordered my first Vapouriz Tank shortly after. I've been using them ever since! If asked to pick my favourite flavour, it would have to be Grape or Strawberry. They're really nice and sweet flavours, but aren't too strong. I also mix flavours, like Grape and Watermelon! However, there are just so many flavours to try, I might still change my mind!
I would definitely recommend Vapouriz to my friends; many of my friends have already heard of, or purchase Vapouriz tanks too! My Vapouriz Tank has certainly helped me cut out cigarettes, and has helped me save loads of money too!

Highly recommended!

Comments (2)

I have been smoking for thirty year's and was introduced to this by a friend best thing I have ever tried . i have stopped the ciggeretes completey now .
if the government are serious about people giving up they should be promoting this product.
Many thanks

Comment by Richard page on 4th June 2014

I have been smoking since I was around 12, I am 23 now and it has been 8 months since I've had a real cigarette. The moment i set up and used my tank, you might aswell say I quit smoking from that moment. Have never had the crave for a cigarette since although I will admit I tried ONE cigarette about 2 weeks after starting my e-cig just out of curiosity and it was horrible! Tasted really bad and was just horrible. The fact i can actually feel that way towards a normal cigarette after smoking for 11 years is amazing. I must thank you though vapouriz, I personally recommend this to EVERYONE trying to quit. I feel it's almost an improved cigarette, the flavours are delicious. Well done vapouriz!

Comment by Jack on 12th January 2015