Susie's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Susie's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Monday 11th January, 2016 | Vapouriz Customer Testimonials

I started with Vapouriz when my fiancé bought me a Tank. I am getting married in April and I didn't want to be a smoker on my wedding day. So last year when he bought me my vape kit and I started my journey to become smoke-free. 

I have upgraded to a FUSE and love the longer lasting battery and options of flavours. I found it hard to be smoke-free to start, but the FUSE has made it easier to think of smoking less of something I needed to do, but a way to enjoy different flavours whilst staying smoke-free.

I love the menthol flavours, but it is great to be able to try something different like apple or bubblegum. It really has made smoking not something I do when I am stressed or because I need to, but something I can enjoy as I will not have a cigarette in my hand on my wedding day. I truly would recommend Vapouriz, it has made such a difference to my life, my clothes no longer smell, I no longer spend so much money on cigarettes and I can now say I’m no longer a smoker since March!!

I have recommended to friends and was glad when work friends told me that I was their inspiration to give up smoking. That is all thanks to Vapouriz. Because of you, my partner found I will be the bride I want to be.

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