Jo's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Jo's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

Friday 5th February, 2016 | Vapouriz Customer Testimonials

I've stopped smoking using your products, and have been smoke-free for eight months.

Vapes are the best invention in the world to me. I couldn't have quit smoking without vaping and previous to the invention of these things, I had previously failed twice to permanently give up, nicotine patches etc, just didn't work for me. However, I did have huge motivation after suffering the worst 'annual chest infection' I had ever had last year; the next one could have hospitalised me. These chest infections always struck me in January and I am happy to say January 2016 has passed with just a hint of a common cold. Needless to say, my breathing has hugely improved and I could sing carols at Christmas!

I used the FUSE, but I’ve now moved on to a sub-ohm cloud vape kit now, however, I still use my FUSE as a backup as they’re easy to pop in a handbag, and the e-liquid lasts longer that in the more powerful vape kits.

Jo's Story: A Vapouriz Testimonial

No longer does it take me ages to get my breathing back to normal from simple things like walking up the stairs. I had been a heavy smoker for 34 years. Next week I am due my 'over 50' medical and I’m looking forward to being able to say "I'm an ex-smoker" :-)

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